1100 deep staters tell Barr to step down, Stone judge calls in prosecutors who resigned


In what is becoming commonplace for Democrats, 1100 deep staters called on Attorney General Bill Barr to step down.  The signatories are mostly former career prosecutors, but also some former political appointees. A number of them are tied to the Soros-funded CREW.

Let me guess, they worked for Obama and Clinton.

The statement went on to say career attorneys should report any troubling actions they see to the department’s Inspector General. That’s a warning shot over the bow to the AG if he tries to “interfere,” in any of the more extreme cases.

Barr had an impeccable reputation before taking this job, but now he’s a target if he does anything that in any way helps the President or his allies.

This is in response to Barr calling for a refiling of the extraordinarily harsh sentencing recommendation made for Roger Stone. Stone is a longtime ally of the Presidents.

Instead of the traditional 3-year sentence, the FBI recommended 7 to 9 years for the sickly 67-year-old.

The four Mueller prosecutors who made the recommendation resigned from the case over the refiling.

How could anyone think that sentence was appropriate?

This was likely a trap for the AG because they told him something quite different when they told him their recommendation.

Barr also assigned an attorney to work alongside the original investigators in a review of several cases, including the Michael Flynn case. They are angry about that as well. None of the deep staters can be second-guessed.

In an interview with ABC News, Barr defended the department’s rank-and-file.

“I cannot do my job here at the department with a constant background commentary that undercuts me,” the attorney general said.


It gets worse.

In an unusual move on Sunday, Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is overseeing Stone’s case, called for a “scheduling” conference call with attorneys in the case on Tuesday, ahead of the sentencing hearing set for later this week, according to court documents.

She is going to go with the Mueller prosecutors’ recommendations in all likelihood. They want Stone to die in prison for lying, while liar McCabe gets away with lying four times without criminal charges.

Barr is an originalist and wants to return to the rule of law. That is his real crime.

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