CO state rep will have term ‘illegal alien’ erased from all government documents


A Colorado lawmaker wants to strike the term ‘illegal alien’ from state law, the NY Times reports. Susan Lontine believes it’s disparaging and wants a more politically correct term. It really causes her to “recoil” when the President or her conservative colleagues use the expression.

‘Illegal alien’ is the government’s official term.

The Times reports, “Ms. Lontine plans to introduce a bill this month that would remove the term “illegal aliens” from the law and replace it with the more neutral “undocumented immigrants,” saying that changing the words could bend social sentiment in migrants’ favor. And with Democrats now in control of the Legislature and the governor’s office, the bill may face relatively few hurdles.”

They continue, “But it comes as the conservative news media has increasingly broadcast messages that demonize immigrants, in part echoing Mr. Trump’s scathing rhetoric on immigration — he used the term “illegal alien” at least five times during the State of the Union this month.”

The term aptly describes what they are. The term, ‘undocumented immigrants’ is another way of minimizing illegal entry. The goal is to make illegal aliens the norm, and to normalize illegal immigration. They aren’t immigrants and it’s not legal. If we don’t abide by that, we won’t have a country. Countries are defined by their borders.

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