12K NYC children will go to online school for not having COV consent forms


The people in charge will force 12,000 New York City students to go to remote classes over the lack of COVID-19 testing consent forms.

About 12,000 city students will be switched to fully remote learning after failing to provide COVID-19 testing consent forms, The NY Post reported.

Roughly 190,000 kids in pre-K, 3-K, grades K-5, and some special needs learners were eligible to return to classrooms this month when Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio reopened 850 city schools.

Citing the need to guard against outbreaks, de Blasio required parents to submit coronavirus testing consent forms — but exempted the early learners and special needs kids.

That left about 130,000 students in grades K-5 who were required to provide the document if they wanted to remain in classrooms for the rest of this year.

About  91 percent of kids in that group submitted the paperwork.

The 9 percent of students who didn’t do so — about 12,000 kids — will be transferred to fully remote learning by principals.

City Hall took a hard line on the forms from the outset of the partial reopening, telling families that their children would not be admitted to buildings if they didn’t have one.

Some parents resisted the requirement and questioned the DOE’s approach to in-house testing.

Citing the need to limit traffic in school buildings, the agency barred parents from being present for the screens.

The DOE also declined to accept results from private doctors, arguing that they needed simultaneous tests in order to establish representative school samples.

The agency warned that kids without the forms and those who failed to show up for building instruction would be culled from the ranks of blended learners before winter break.

The children have lost about a year of education and what does the NYC mayor say about the future? He says he will look at it in January for middle school.

“We’ve got to get this vaccine distributed widely,” he said. “We’re going to start looking at January as a first opportunity for middle school but it will all depend on what’s happening with the larger health care reality.”

Someone explain to this man that children aren’t the problem and they MUST go back to school. This is child abuse.


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Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken
2 years ago

Escape while you can. Wilhelm will drive the big apple into complete and utter ruin then put up an Ozymandias sign.
It is a feature and not a bug to liberation theology kooks like him.
The globalists won’t hesitate to sacrifice NYC on the altar of collective utopian insanity.

2 years ago

I guess most people advocating all this aren’t old enough to remember this was essentially tried years ago, only with television. It was believed to be The answer to many issues with schools. Only it turned out to be a wholesale disaster. Some of the same issues back then are beginning to be noticed in remote classes now. There’s considerably More to the learning process in children than just what’s displayed on a screen. Adults may overcome the difficulties, but to require it for youngsters is not only Shameful, but Immoral and Repugnant.

We will have an entire generation who won’t be just behind, but have more difficulty in regaining the previous achievements and make further achievements much more difficult. It’s not like a “makeup test” that is missed, but affecting the entire learning capability that can hinder a person for the rest of their school days. To prevent people from learning is not unlike Blacks once being prevented from any and all forms of education. What was once done to Blacks is now being done to society as a whole.