1300 Africans Swarm NY City Hall Demanding Hotel Rooms


New York City is done. Illegal aliens, communists, religious fascists, corrupt politicians – judges – DA – and academics govern the city. There is no sign that residents will vote for normal leaders. We have foreigners lured by lies, demanding hotel rooms. NGOs are telling them to demand hotel rooms.

Give Us Nice Hotel Rooms

In New York City, Africans, lured by the promise of work and green cards, demand nice hotel rooms.

Over 1,300 African migrants, predominantly from Guinea, swarmed New York City Hall on Tuesday morning.

Lured by false promises of green cards and work visas, an activist group reportedly summoned the mob of new arrivals. These activist groups are people who want to destroy the country.

The wokes of New York City are meeting to see how they can meet their needs with our tax money.

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