17 Hostages Released, 13 Israelis, 4 Thai


On Saturday, Hamas released seventeen hostages, 13 Israelis and 4 Thai citizens. They were transferred to Egypt to ISA and IDF special forces. They will then go to Israeli hospitals and be reunited with their families.

Emily Hand — the Israeli-Irish 9-year-old girl who was initially believed to have been killed by Hamas — was among the 17 hostages freed from Gaza on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

She was released with the second batch of hostages – 13 Israelis and four Thai Nationals – after an initial hostage release on Friday, the first day of the temporary cease-fire.

Emily was among seven children aged 3 to 16 and six women aged 18 to 67, who were released in the second batch, the prime minister’s office announced.

An Israeli woman in her seventies who was suffering from cancer was released with the hostages. She was thought to have been murdered.

We’re supposed to believe this is all one big, happy experience. Great guys, those terrorists.

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