18 GOP Governors Want MORE Refugees


Republican governors are asking for more refugees and falsely claim it’s the Christian thing to do. That’s an excuse. Reports indicate they are bullied by leftist groups to take more refugees into their states. It isn’t what the people want and it’s wholly corrupt.

President Trump gave the governors the right to opt-out and so far, they haven’t.

Democrats want this for the votes, and the goal is a permanent electoral majority.

The foreigners are changing our culture and our politics. We are being transformed and we are burdened by these needy people. Also, massive immigration prevents assimilation.

Massive third world immigration will destroy our nation and these governors have to know that. It’s more of the open borders mentality and they are engaging in it in states President Trump won.

We are headed for a nation of non-producers and a one-party electoral system. If GOP governors won’t even stop it, we are not going to survive as a free nation of productive Americans.

These are 18 GOP governors who have requested resettlement:



  1. My governor, in this very conservative flyover state , was just voted in last year won’t be re-elected. Another opportunist.

  2. Dear GOP Governors,
    Get out your Welcome to the State of Confusion signs, where crime will run rampant, gangs will rule, and legal citizen$ will leave.
    BTW, when will you do something for the American children that are living on the streets and in cars; they have become refugees in their own country.

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