1st private rescue plane lands in Qatar, TENS OF THOUSANDS MORE left behind!


Reporter Emily Miller announced that the first plane filled with US citizens has left Afghanistan, not too many thanks to the US government, but a lot of thanks to private contractors.

There are THOUSAND OF AMERICANS AND TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SIVS in Afghanistan. The Biden cabal has LIED to you. It’s not 100 Americans left behind, it’s thousands and tens of thousands of SIVs.

Miller reports:

“It’s official now, the first private rescue plane out of Afghanistan has landed at the U.S. airbase in Qatar. Prayers answered! This was a private group’s charter plane that got State Department approval of the manifest of vetted people. I believe everyone on board is an American citizen but State will announce the number. his does not mean everyone else is left behind again. There are so many more people to rescue! Thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of SIVs to rescue from the Taliban.

I had a great conversation today with one of the heads of Afghan Evac about the process of consolidating the small veteran, special forces rescue teams into a more effective, better-resourced organization. This will help everyone in Afghanistan (Americans, SIVs). I’ll have details soon for contact, links etc.”

More from Ms. Miller:

Pres. Joe Biden lost the final battle in the Afghanistan war. Americans and Afghan allies were abandoned by the U.S. government in the days before the August 30 departure.

However, brave and patriotic retired military special operators have taken over the mission to leave no man behind. I’m part of one of the groups called “Project Exodus.”

The Project Exodus team allows me to share some of their information to expose the crisis so that the politicians in DC will stop working against them. They also want Americans to understand the true crisis when the U.S. government stops operating and leaves American citizens and Afghan allies to be hunted by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The BidenBama administration stranded these people and so many more. Perhaps they didn’t help to rescue them because it makes them look like monsters.

The State Department did put up a list of resources here.

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Dan Silvan
Dan Silvan
2 years ago

What were these tens of thousands of civilians doing in Afghanistan? There is no justification for those numbers to be there. They may technically be American citizens, but they should be closely examined. We may not want them back. Who in their right mind would go live in a war zone if they don’t have to?

Riding With the King of Kings
Riding With the King of Kings
2 years ago

Have they thought about posing as Afghans and using fake name complete with documents in Farsi script?
They will be evacuated quickly by the Weather Underground Government.
I’m moving quickly myself today as the power and connection are sketchy.
The only fear is of the one who holds the keys to Hell and Death and not some fedbois and girls.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe needs a War! That’s why he armed the Taliban. Kill enough Hostages and we will have people screaming War again, but we saw how well Traitor Barry did against the Caliphate. It’s all part of the plan man.