Rep. Issa gets pregnant California woman out of Afghanistan


Rep. Darrel Issa helped get the beaten and pregnant California woman out of Afghanistan. He won’t get credit, but he has helped scores of Afghan Americans come home. When I tried to search for him on Twitter, all I got were the sites that mock him. It was very hard to pull him up.

Only known as Nasria, the pregnant California woman married her fiance in Afghanistan and is pregnant. When she and her husband tried to leave in August, She was beaten. She is one of the thousands left behind.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t leave with her husband. Her husband is at grave risk and he is hiding with their father. The Taliban has his biometric data.

Nasria went to Afghanistan to get him and the father out of Afghanistan.

Issa alone knows of at least 200 Americans or green card holders. The US is doing nothing. Even when they pay $10,000 ransoms, the Taliban will prevent them from leaving.

It’s been extremely difficult. They have no eyes or ears on the ground and it takes 8 hours to get a drone over the target. So many have already been lost.

The congressman spoke with KUSI’s Logan Byrnes on how his office facilitated the release:

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