2 German Childcare Centers Have Child Sex Play Rooms


Two German childcare centers in Nordrhein-Westfalen issue child sexuality manifestos, waxing poetic about the benefits of masturbation and outlining rules for child sexual play, EUGYPPIUS writes on his substack.

EUGYPPIUS is a very reliable reporter. He investigated reports of “sexual exploration rooms” in German childcare centers, where young children are encouraged to masturbate and touch each other.

He thought it was exaggerated or non-existent, so he investigated. It’s as bad as they say.

The Centers are Woke. Being Woke should be synonymous with grooming, pedophilia, and perversion.

He translated an article from The Welt:

Children should be able to “withdraw into a protected space” “to discover and satisfy themselves physically,” proclaims a day-care centre in Kerpen. In its sexual education plan, the institution promises to offer “children free space to experiment with their childlike sexuality. Masturbation is normal. Allowing masturbation” in day-care centres is “of great importance.”

In a day-care centre in Rheinberg, allowances are made for playing doctor in side rooms – but with rules for the little ones: “They [should] carefully choose the child to play with.” And before they do so, “the children are told that no objects are to inserted into bodily orifices (e.g. genitals),” according to their plan, which was recently made public by Alternative für Deutschland.

Should such schemes be tolerated or banned? There are different views on this nationwide. Nearly identical statements were reported earlier this year from a day-care centre in Hannover, where the Youth Welfare Office and the state of Niedersachsen put a stop to it.

In Nordrhein-Westfalen [where the Kerpen and Rheinberg day care centres are located], views are somewhat different. When asked how the Child Ministry there, now under Green leadership, regarded the handling of masturbation in the these two day-care centres, they replied that “sexual behaviour by children” could “not be prevented.” The Ministry emphasises that “separate rooms solely for sexual self-exploration in day-care centres” are “not provided for.” The Ministry, however, refuses to intervene at the day-care centres.

The Ministry is tacitly okaying it. They take the easy way out because they are Woke. They added that these rooms would be forbidden by Child Welfare.

Phew! There’s hope? No, not really. EUGYPPIUS thinks that the last part isn’t true, and he backs it up.

Parents can opt out, but if they don’t, they may have a problem.

For example, Child Welfare shut one down but wrote this:

Among other things, one rule from the letter obtained by Bild reads: “Each child [should] decide for himself whether and with whom he wants to play physical and sexual games.”

According to the chairman of the board of the Workers’ Welfare Association in Hannover, the letter to parents had not been coordinated with the Association or approved by their experts.


A child protection expert named Jörg Maywald said: Children need to conduct their “body exploration games” not in side rooms, but under direct adult supervision:

Maywald told the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung … “I would find it strange to set up a separate room for this” …

Maywald said: “We should not overemphasise adult ideas about sexuality.” All children, he said, have curiosity about bodies, and their educators need to provide rules for this. Childcare centres have to make sure that children do not cross boundaries and are not assaulted. He emphasised: “Body exploration and sexual education do not have to take place in the childcare centre solely through touching. You can also use picture books, for example.”

Click on EUGYPPIUS to read the rest of the story, including the pushback to it.

This is clearly Woke perversion, leftist grooming, illogical illiberalism, and the antithesis of what we should be doing.

We tell children not to let anyone touch their private parts to protect them. Nothing has changed except for the morality of the Wokes.

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