2 women accuse Fox, Tucker, Hannity, Henry, Kurtz of sexual misconduct as election nears


They just can’t help themselves?

Jennifer Eckhart and co-plaintiff Cathy Areu are suing Fox News for sexual misconduct by their top conservatives. Areu is an extremely far left woman and both women attack Fox News in the lawsuit. They say Fox promoted an atmosphere of sexual misconduct. It’s like an instant replay of 2016.

Eckhart, who is 30 years of age, claimed Henry “groomed” her.


In the lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court Southern District of New York on July 20, Eckhart, 30, accuses Henry, 48, of rape and of coercive sex, according to CNBC.

Another Fox News personality, Cathy Areu, a truly insane, far-leftist, is named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit. Areu accuses various Fox News personalities, including Sean Hannity and Howie Kurtz, of sexual harassment. Both are represented by Michael Willemin of Wigdor LLP in the case.

The lawsuit says that the network’s star anchor Sean Hannity once offered $100 to staffers to “date” a second woman who also accuses Henry of sexual harassment.

In addition to Henry, plaintiff Cathy Areu claims she was sexually harassed by multiple other men at Fox News, including Hannity, the host Tucker Carlson, journalist Howard Kurtz, and network political analyst Gianno Caldwell.

It is very convenient that this extremely far-left Areu comes out now, right before the election to make this claim. We don’t know anything about Eckhart.

The lawsuit is specifically accusing Fox News and Henry of sex trafficking. All defendants are facing accusations of a hostile work environment, sexual harassment, and gender discrimination, in addition to retaliation, under the New York State Human Rights Law. Henry is facing an additional complaint of gender-motivated violence.

“Gender-motivated?” It sounds like another Blasey-Ford type spectacle. Calling Gloria Allred.

Fox News has now responded with a new statement in response to Eckhart and Areu’s lawsuit, provided to HollywoodLife:

“Based on the findings of a comprehensive independent investigation conducted by an outside law firm, including interviews with numerous eyewitnesses, we have determined that all of Cathy Areu’s claims against FOX News, including its management as well as its hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity & Howard Kurtz and its contributor Gianno Caldwell, are false, patently frivolous and utterly devoid of any merit.

We take all claims of harassment, misconduct, and retaliation seriously, promptly investigating them and taking immediate action as needed — in this case, the appropriate action based on our investigation is to defend vigorously against these baseless allegations. Ms. Areu and Jennifer Eckhart can pursue their claims against Ed Henry directly with him, as FOX News already took swift action as soon as it learned of Ms. Eckhart’s claims on June 25 and Mr. Henry is no longer employed by the network.”

In a statement provided to HollywoodLife, Ed Henry’s attorney Catherine M. Foti wrote:

“The Me Too movement has helped to bring to light a number of injustices in our society, and everyone that has suffered deserves to be heard. This is not one of those cases. The evidence, in this case, will demonstrate that Ms. Eckhart initiated and completely encouraged a consensual relationship. Ed Henry looks forward to presenting actual facts and evidence, which will contradict the fictional accounts contained in the complaint. That evidence includes graphic photos and other aggressively suggestive communications that Ms. Eckhart sent to Mr. Henry.”

Henry was fired by Fox News weeks ago.

Eckhart, a grown woman, claims Henry“groomed, psychologically manipulated and coerced Ms. Eckhart into having a sexual relationship with him.” However, if it’s true, it’s terrible. But this is right out of the far left’s playbook and it’s right before an election.

On the same page, the suit alleged that Eckhart’s attorney informed Fox News of Eckhart’s claim that she was “violently raped while helpless and restrained in metal handcuffs” by Henry, while he allegedly “preformed sadistic acts on her without her consent that left her injured, bruised and battered with bloody wrists.”


After a December 2018 appearance by Areu on Carlson’s show, according to the suit, the host told her he was going to the network’s annual Christmas party, but would only be staying for “a quick appearance.”

“Following the show, Mr. Carlson, hardly making any effort to hide his intentions, began telling Ms. Areu that he would be alone in New York City that night, and specifically said that he would be staying alone in his hotel room without any wife or kids,” the suit said. “Without question, Mr. Carlson was probing to see whether Ms. Areu was interested in a sexual relationship. Ms. Areu awkwardly sidestepped Mr. Carlson’s advances and declined to spend the night at his hotel.”

“Mr. Carlson promptly retaliated against Ms. Areu, who was featured on his show only three times in 2019 and has not appeared once in 2020,” the court filing says.

The suit also claims that Areu’s appearances on Kurtz’s “Media Buzz” show dwindled after she declined to meet him in the lobby of a Manhattan hotel.

Later, “Mr. Kurtz stated to Ms. Areu, in sum and substance, ‘you’re the only woman here who won’t come to my hotel room,’” the suit says.

Areu was HATED by the audience, and many wondered why she was on. She was not only far left, she made no sense. That’s why her appearances were reduced.


The suit also says, “It is widely documented in the public record that Fox News has not only cultivated and fostered sexual harassment and misconduct but has consistently accepted and rewarded it. Nevertheless, Fox News would have the public believe that it is a different place from the Fox News that was run by former disgraced Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes.”

This sure sounds like a smear job as the hard left continually assails Fox News in the War on Fox, the only prominent conservative network.

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Welsh Warrior
Welsh Warrior
3 years ago

Who on Earth would ANYONE man or woman be interested in ANYTHING this silly T-what has to say or offer. She’s as homely as they come and about as sexually attractive as Phyllis Diller. If ur gonna lie AT LEAST make it believable. IN YOUR DREAMS LIBERAL SKANK!!!

3 years ago

At the time of these supposed indiscretions, why weren’t these allegedly independent smart business women able to state a definite “over the line” answer and put an end to whatever they felt was out of line then? Total political move, that’s why!!

3 years ago

It sounds like Ed Henry has evidence that Eckhart was the perp. Hopefully he will countersue for defamation. Also, I doubt any man would touch Areu with a 10 foot pole. But I’m sure the SDNY will give it all they have.

Christian Gains
Christian Gains
3 years ago

This is NOT a CASE that NEEDS a Court hearing; It’s a CASE for an ASYLUM to JUDGE….and that BOTH of these “BIMBOS” seriously NEED to be getting counseling for LIFE!!!

OOPS!! I’m WRONG!!…These 2 are CERTIFIABLE LIARS & FOOLS….(unless HOWIE is ACTUALLY guilty…which those PHOTOS should CLEARLY reveal…debunking these BIMBOS case), …

These two are demonstrating that they’re NOT mentally capable of being ON, or even IN, FOX NEWS!!!

I’m TOTALLY INCREDULOUS that these 2 figured out such an ATTACK that’s SOOOOoooooo STUPID!!!


3 years ago

Its apparent to me that these claims are false , I take into consideration that these people are far left politically and want to shut up those that would challenge their views on things.