20-Year-Old Film of Saudi Planning 9/11 Targets Released


After years of trying to get this Saudi 9/11 video, it was only just now released in a court case. Are we being primed for something? The victims and families of victims wanted to sue Saudi Arabia and hold them accountable, but this was kept hidden by the FBI for 20 years. It’s hard to forget how we found out the government would sneak information into the public square through so-called mainstream media, social media, or subtly by operatives like IRS official Lois Lerner at meetings to be ‘discovered’ by media outlets.

Caveat: The clip below doesn’t prove the Saudi government was behind 9/11, but most of the hijackers were Saudi. The man speaking in the clip, Omar al-Bayoumi, was allegedly in the Saudi intelligence service. Saudi Arabia denies he was an intel official.

The Story

The British police found this clip days after the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington D.C.

The 1999 video was allegedly taken within 90 days of the time al Qaeda was picking out targets.

This was according to testimony by Richard Lambert, a retired FBI agent who led the 9/11 probes. He is a consultant on the case of the victims of 9/11.

The target of Flight 93 was likely the Capitol, and the video suggests that. It’s prominent in the clip below.

“I think he’s talking to the al Qaeda planners who tasked him to take the pre-operational surveillance video of the intended target,” Lambert said.

Lawyers for the 9/11 families say Bayoumi’s address book was filled with phone numbers of numerous senior Saudi officials who were in the government at the time. However, it would be if he was an intel official or just any plotter.

Why Now?

Some people wonder why now, but all we have is speculation. Saudi Arabia just joined BRICS and dropped the oil dollar, so they are on the outs with the US. If Saudi Arabia’s government planned it, why did we bomb Iraq and Afghanistan? That could be one reason for keeping it secret. Perhaps they want war in the Middle East?

At the same time, our borders are wide open, and highly-placed US officials are raising the terrorist alarm bells. Lt. Col. Scott Mann of The Pineapple Express said his sources in Afghanistan say terrorists are planning a massive attack in 2025.

We just found eight illegal alien ISIS-K (Tajiks) in three separate US cities, and an ISIS-K-tied smuggler helped illegal migrants enter the US from Mexico.

The Democrat administration admitted at least 1500 Tajiks from the hotbed of ISIS-K in three years, with the numbers rising. This year alone, Border Patrol caught 500. The September 11 terror attack was caused by only 11 terrorists. Imagine what hundreds could do.

Close the damn borders.

Watch the clip aired on the 20th, and the full report will be on 60 Minutes in the fall:


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