2020 presidential election was the LEAST SECURE in US history – correction


The election systems were not secure. If any client engaged him to audit a system like this, the audit would fail. There is no accountability. The systems are so out of date it would have taken a kid less than 10 minutes to hack this system.

~ Ben Cotton

The Arizona audit shows that 57,734 ballots had severe issues. As a result, the 2020 election was among the least secure elections ever held in the USA, according to Ben Cotton. 

Ben Cotton presented the IT examination results from the audit of the 2020 Election Results in Maricopa County. RSBN recorded the event.

Mr. Cotton stated that files were deleted on the eve of the hand-over to the audit team, and he knows who did it. In addition, Mr. Cotton has the timestamps of when the files were deleted and altered by Maricopa County officials. And he has the screenshots.

“We have captured screenshots of Maricopa County people at the keyboards during those periods.”

Also, multiple anonymous logins were detected on the systems.

Will anyone answer for it?

Go to 3:30:

Every state should conduct an audit and clean up the processes before the next election. For example, Texas is conducting a full audit now.

Additionally, mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting must be banned.

This election should not be certified.

Senator Wendy Rogers shared a letter signed by 41 state legislators to the American people calling for forensic audits in each state. She called it a “manifesto for freedom.”

#TrumptheLoser is still trending on Twitter

The auditors found 17,000 duplicate ballots. 25% of the duplicate ballots came after November 3rd.

Correction: Newsguard informs us: In fact, the Maricopa County audit did not find 17,322 duplicate ballots or votes. Rather, it found 17,322 duplicate ballot envelope images — which does not mean that these votes were counted twice. Duplicate images of ballot envelopes are typically taken when election workers receive ballot envelopes without a signature or with a signature that does not resemble the one on file, according to a September 2021 article on the website of the Arizona Republic, AZCentral.com

Fox News didn’t cover the audit, possibly because it proves their total corruption calling the state of Arizona for Biden with only 3% of the vote counted.

President Trump will discuss the results at the Georgia rally today:


“Do you know what I think about this?” Stalin replied, “I believe that who and how people in the Party vote, is unimportant. What is extremely important is who counts the votes, and how they are recorded.”

~ Josef Stalin

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Larken Holdings
Larken Holdings
1 year ago

Gutless Americans have allowed their FREEDOM and CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC to be stolen w/o even a single voice being said to oppose it. Are we that that pathetic now? Ready for socialism and a communistic static state WHIMPS! STATE UP NOW or everything is lost for you and your children’s future – you/we will all be slaves to the deep state dem masters!

1 year ago

Pence should have rejected Electors for every State that ILLEGALLY allowed mail-in Ballots, i.e. the States who changed election laws without a vote in the State’s Legislative Body. That would have thrown the Election into the House and Trump would have won there. Pence will go down in History as a gutless moron who was apparently OK with the Election Fraud.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago


The Durham report is partially available

Turns out the CIA has evidence Hillary, Obama and the people working for them ( like Sussman, Podesta etc ) were openly discussing fabricating evidence to destroy Trump/as a coup against Trump.

Most of those people lied to the FBI, CIA or lied to judges, and such lying usually gets people to be thrown in jail ( Mueller did trhow in jail lots of republicans just for lying about tax return info )

but as I said Democrats are above the law

and will be until the American people do something about it.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

Nixon did something a THOUDAND times less dishonest than democrats did with this fraudulent election, Nixon did not change the results…yet the Watergate scandal is still talked about 50 years later as if it was the biggest crime in the history of the USA.

The USA is the richest and most powerful nation in the history of the planet, thus cheating on who gets to be the leader of the most successful nation is human history is a crime so serious, so grave that words escape me.

But the corrupt media and corrupt judges and corrupt the democrat MAFIA who control almost everything in the USA will sweep that under the rug, and will cheat even more in the next election and will laugh all the way to the bank, and all the way to the White House.

The Democrat party is a criminal organization…one day the American people will have to do something about it or the USA will turn into a cross between Detroit city and Venezuella…( forget Canada, we are never gonna do anything, we will never fight, we will just let it happen… )

Dominion Bleach Bit Cloth
Dominion Bleach Bit Cloth
1 year ago

It won’t be from Macedonian bot farms those logins and Boris and Natasha were enjoying a performance at the Bolshoi that night (sarc)
Any worthwhile hacker can cover his tracks but no malware detector will reveal the gov spyware that caught the Italian youth making bomb threats to US schools.
There used to be an app for journalists to reveal if they were being spied on but it got memory holed.
I wonder if there are any CCP/PLA logins? (hmm so hmm)