Biden blames unvaccinated Americans for his bad economy


Joe Biden stood before the American public and blamed unvaccinated Americans for just about every ill in society, all of which he is causing or making worse.

It was quite despicable. He blamed Americans for a virus that came from Chinese communists and was likely funded by his NIH and NIAID.

Unvaccinated people aren’t causing any damage to anyone or putting the economy at risk. They present no threat to the vaccinated.

Vaccinated people get COVID and die too.

And what about natural immunity. Why is that ignored?

Instead of blaming Americans, he should look at the illegal aliens he’s inviting in with COVID.

As for the economy, the problem is Biden’s policies. He’s paying people to stay home.




  1. It ain’t my fault that utopia is banished.
    If the replacements coming here to be with the evil racist intolerant Americans don’t have to get the not a vax then why should anyone else.
    If you aren’t up for a job then you shouldn’t accept it no matter how hard the long march comrades are pushing and the family members who want more because they can never get enough.

  2. If there is anything all Democrats are good at, it is placing the blame on others for their failures. Now it is the unvaccinated, because Trump is no longer a useful target.

  3. One of the indicators of a narcissistic personality is the denial of all responsibility when things go wrong. Anything “bad” is always someone else’s fault.

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