Biden told PM Modi to NOT answer questions & then trashed the US press


Joe Biden’s staff won’t allow him to answer questions from the press, no matter how much they beg. We can guess.

When he met recently with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Biden staffers rudely and loudly shut down Johnson mid-sentence as he answered questions.

The press filed a complaint with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and her response was to demean them. The next day, she told them it was PM Johnson’s fault because he didn’t ask permission to speak to the press.

Biden can’t answer questions because of his limited cognitive functioning and they don’t want someone like Johnson to make it any more obvious than it is.

It happened again yesterday during the joint press conference with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he picked at his nose and told a racist joke.

Biden, ridiculously masked at times, said he didn’t want to take questions and insulted the US press for good measure.

“I’ve got to watch out,” Biden said deprecatingly. “I think, with your permission,” Biden said to Modi, “[if] you could not answer questions because they won’t ask any questions on point.”

What kind of person insults others to hide his own serious deficiencies?

The media fawns over him and protects him, but he still blames them because it’s politically expedient.

He is suppressing the press. Donald Trump always answered their questions despite how much the media abused him and lied about him.

We do not have an objective free press.

Additionally, Breitbart’s White House correspondent Charlie Spiering reported that the White House removed those comments from the official White House transcript. They don’t want it in the historical record.

Watch the two clips:

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Historic Rimshot Czar
Historic Rimshot Czar
9 months ago

Jo Jo Magoo thinks that he has Dominion (hee har) over the whole world!
PM Modi should have responded with a bug Curry fart! (wayciss?)

9 months ago

Traitor Joe has lost it and the Press has turned on the Traitor Joe Regime. Democrats are very Dangerous now and will try to illegally ram through spending to pay off their friends and families. But then, I don’t trust the RINOs to do the right thing either. The 2020 Election was a “mostly” Bloodless Coup. Unfortunately, it’s looking like it won’t be corrected without the Blood of Patriots spilled and the Blood of Traitors everywhere.

9 months ago

And with that, the Vacationer in Chief is wisked off to his hidey-hole in the mountains to keep him from saying anything stupid this weekend. But at least he didn’t make any mean tweets….probably because they won’t let him have a real phone.

9 months ago

At least he didn’t call them “enemies of the people” so no worries, it’ll be fine.