$20B Just to Welcome Illegal Migration


Judicial Watch found that American taxpayers have paid out $20 billion just to welcome illegal aliens into the country and pay for their initial support.

The information is found in a  report published by a nonprofit that investigates federal spending. For example, HHS has an office known as the Office of Refugee Settlement, which alone spent almost $11 billion last year.

Additionally, AP reports that money sent home by Mexicans working abroad rose by 7.6% in 2023 to reach a record $63 billion. “Remittances now surpass almost all other sources of the country’s foreign income, including tourism, oil exports, and most manufacturing exports.”

Nov 17, 2019 San Francisco / CA / USA – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office located in downtown San Francisco; USCIS is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Caring for the World in Our Debtor Nation

The services provided to illegal aliens include transitional and medical care, refugee support, programs for survivors of torture, emergency and supplemental assistance, and millions of dollars for minors who are classified as unaccompanied adult children. Underage migrants, who are often adults who say they’re underage migrants, get housing, schooling, recreation, and legal help and are even given foster care.

In FY2023, the US border patrol encountered a record-breaking 2.5 million migrants. Since last October, they have encountered a whopping one million anonymous people. There’s no end in sight, and the numbers keep growing, so we can expect these expenses to increase continually. The numbers don’t even include those flying in, coming through the northern border, those coming in on apps, or who were not caught at all.

We have no idea who these people are. They come without IDs and can claim anything. They could claim they are victims and turn out to be warlords.

The Courts Make It Worse

The policies of this government have been challenged. On September 30, 2021, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas issued a policy called Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law. It established a non-exhaustive list of factors that DHS officers must take into account before investigating, questioning, arresting, detaining, prosecuting, or removing aliens in the United States. There were relatively few aliens who could be deported. It had to be proven they were a threat to national security, public safety, or border security, which is almost impossible when they’re coming through the border without IDs.

When Texas and Louisiana sued, the US Supreme Court decided on June 23, 2023, that they lacked Article III standing.  There seems to be no recourse. And clearly, Americans are being replaced.

FAIR Report

FAIR reports that Joe Biden’s open border costs the USA 150.7 billion dollars annually. That’s more than the annual GDP of certain states like Mississippi, New Mexico, and Idaho. Currently, it is estimated that 617,607 illegals with criminal records have been released into communities and not detained.

The Biden administration spent over $340 million in just nine months by flying migrants in secret at night into the interior.

Democrats are bankrupting America on purpose, and Republicans like Mitch McConnell and his followers still think their number one priority is to get Ukraine another $60 billion.

Releasing Criminal Aliens
Research shows that after three years of these policies, the people who benefit are criminal aliens. They are free to roam our country.

The data shows the Biden administration is responsible for the following when comparing FYs 2017, 2018, and 2019 to FYs 2021, 2022, and 2023:

  • 57 percent decrease in arrests of criminal aliens
  • 68 percent decrease in at-large arrests of criminal aliens
  • 44 percent decrease in detainer requests issued on criminal aliens
  • 67 percent decrease in deportations of criminal aliens
  • 55 percent decrease in immigration-related criminal convictions

The combined number of crimes on the rap sheets of aliens arrested by ICE during these years has dropped by 56 percent under the Biden administration. Comparing these two time periods shows a decline in every crime category reported by ICE, including, for example:

  • 63 percent decrease in larceny records
  • 57 percent decrease in stolen vehicle records
  • 55 percent decrease in burglary records
  • 48 percent decrease in assault records
  • 47 percent decrease in robbery records
  • 34 percent decrease in kidnapping records

Yet we have far more people pouring in each year. Democrats are making us into a third world country – believe it.

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15 days ago

Trump first, illegals caught and deported regardless of any other committed crimes, then, prosecute as traitors all federal, state and local employees and feed them nitrogen gas.

Greasy-Gavin wants to be King
Greasy-Gavin wants to be King
18 days ago

Greasy-Gavin Newsom plans to give millions of dollars in tax money to illegals to help these interlopers set up residence n California. Greasy-Gavin has destroyed California and now the stupid bastard has dreams of becoming our next president. Truth is, we may not continue as a nation long enough for Greasy-Gavin to achieve that goal – all thanks to Pervie Joe and the queer Kenyan King behind the throne,

Live Free of Secede
Live Free of Secede
18 days ago

Our elections are stolen, illegal immigrants are flooding in by the millions and treated to “entitlements” more so than citizens, the justice system is perverted, police are restricted from acting for fear of being imprisoned and now the concept of private property is under attack by the diversity-equity Marxists. We have a greatly funded and armed IRS that has the power to a go to your home or business and arrest you. We’re forced to pay billions to Ukraine and other foreign entities while our Social Security recipients are treated like moochers who should work until they drop. We no longer have a representative government and, therefore, no longer have a nation. Now they’re trying to restrict our choices on the ballot. If Trump isn’t re-elected, it will be time to secede and break up into smaller nations much like the European Union. We can no longer live under this Marxist dictatorship.