FBI to Sheriffs: Warnings of Imminent Terror Attacks on US Soil


At the National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Washington, D.C, last week, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones heard warnings from the FBI of imminent terrorist attacks on the U.S.

“It’s not if they are going to attack, it’s just when they are,” Jones said. “There are people already here who have come to this country who hate us and want to kill us.”

We need to expect cyberattacks, crippling power grids, train derailments, and cells of armed terrorists who target multiple areas of the country.

Cyberattacks have already occurred. One such attack affected the BCSO in 2020 when the dispatch center was crippled.

The sheriff’s office is “getting five cyber hack attempts a day by the Chinese, three times a day by the Iranians, and we got hacked two years ago by the Russians,” Jones said. “And that is not just us. I assume they are doing that all over the country.”

Jones said the Chinese have the U.S. outnumbered 50 to 1 in people working on cyberattacks and prevention. He got that directly from FBI Director Wray.

“Their deal is to cause us disruption in our county. To cause chaos in our country, not like next week — now. From the red flags and chatter that they (FBI) are hearing,” he said.

The FBI said that people who came illegally are here to “do harm to us … that they have never seen it this bad.”

“Thousands of people are working to disrupt the country, including national and local elections.”

“They told us we need to be prepared to talk to local county election people to be prepared,” Jones said. “They want us to lose faith in our government.”

He said big cities will not just be the target; terrorists also will hit smaller cities and rural areas where people typically feel safe.

“The terrorists are here; we have already been told that – from 160 countries that want to do us harm,” Jones said. “We have been told by the FBI that they are here and it is just a matter of time before they attack.”

“I am talking about people who want to attack Americans, and I would be a fool to think that is not going to happen,” Jones said. “The national government can’t take care of it all. There is more local police than FBI. It all comes down to preparing for it.”

Jones is changing his department’s training, immediately equipping all cruisers with rifles. Hazmat training and equipment will also be expanded.

A training class for the public will be held in May.

The “When Disaster Strikes: Prepare, Act, Survive” course is designed to teach and encourage community members impacted by a disaster to prepare, take preservation actions, and perform, as appropriate, light search and rescue response to aid their family and other community members in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster or human-made incident.

Jones wants the state to have the ability to order immigrants to leave the U.S. when facing felony convictions.

He also requests that the governor appoint a task force to protect and enforce “our northern border.”

Jones wrote, “Numerous agents have moved to the southern border, exposing the northern border. I have visited our southern border and discussed the unprotected northern border with many agencies. Our border is nothing more than a simple line on a map that no one seems to care about.”

Jones requested a full-time department specializing in cyber security be appointed at the state level.

Thank a Democrat and the RINOs who enabled this. Let’s not forget a shout-out to our imperial executive agencies that rule us behind the scenes. While you’re at it, vote for those who will close the border and arm up.


via WCPO9

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16 days ago

You let in hundreds of thousands of hyped up terrorists and a terrorist attack is supposed to a surprise? Man, they think we’re stupid.

Last edited 16 days ago by Christina
Quietly Watching
Quietly Watching
16 days ago

Is it possible this is a set up to cause an event to take away our rights and pew pews? This is the only sheriff to say anything, not one other is backing him up or preparing their civilians.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
18 days ago

Is this the plan? Create anarchy, suspend the constitution and stop the elections in November?

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
18 days ago

Democrats are letting in thousands of terrorists with their open border.

But with the democrat controlled and very corrupt media, the blame will never be put on Democrats.

Everything and everyone else will be blamed; climate change, white supremacists, Trump, Covid etc but Democrats will not receive one iota of the blame

Sick demented people are in charge of everything from government to education to DOJ to FBI to news media.

( it is as bad in Canada, if not worse, I am not bashing the USA )

World War III is Coming
World War III is Coming
18 days ago

We already had trial run attacks on our nuclear facilities. While dumb-asses in the Media like Moaning Joe tell us Biden is “on fire” and top of things, we are being set up for attacks from within and without. As China attacks us from the outside, its military personnel who have entered the country under “asylum” will be destroying our food and water supplies and taking down our energy grid.. Sick f*ckers like Biden, Pelosi, corpse John McCain, Jerry No-Nads Nadler, Tom McClintock and other rats in power have set us up for destruction.