21 Shot by Non White Supremacists in Milwaukee – Where’s Biden?


Hundreds of non-white youth poured into Milwaukee after the Bucks game on Friday the 13th. Twenty-one people were shot in three different shootings as the crowds went out of control. Joe Biden didn’t bother to stop by after the Buffalo murders since the shooters in Milwaukee are black and they were black-on-black crimes.

It is very difficult trying to get the information – same with the Texas Flea Market shooting because the shooters and the victims are black youth.

In Milwaukee, the shooters just fired at random into the crowds.

Six youth were arrested and three were charged with illegal possession of a weapon:
  • Otis Green, a 28-year-old black man with a rap sheet is charged with the possession of a weapon.
  • Jeremiah Fraylon, 20 years old, also black, also has a rap sheet. He too was charged with possession of a weapon.
  • Marleik Brown Jewell, charged with possession of a weapon is a 22-year-old black man. Jewell was also charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in a separate case.
  • Marquise Jackson fired a weapon. He’s 24 years of age and he’s black. Marquise has a rap sheet.
  • Christopher Murray fired a weapon – a 23-year-old black man with a rap sheet.
  • Lemont Siller fired a weapon, 21 years old, black.

They are probably all gang youth.

No one died somehow.

Biden didn’t have time to visit the families of the wounded.

In Chicago, 33 people were shot, five fatally. The youngest to die was a 16-year-old boy. These were black-on-black crimes.

Biden didn’t visit them either. No one will do a thing except go to curfews in desperation.

Milwaukee on Friday night:


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