The View Bubbleheads Call Republicans “Domestic Terrorists”


Whoopi Goldberg was angry with Republicans for voting against the Domestic Terrorism bill and said, “domestic terrorists” are voting on the bill. She was joined by Sunny Hostin in the character assassination of all Republicans.

“When did Washington really get to be a place where stopping domestic terrorism is divisive?” Goldberg asked, before describing Republicans as “domestic terrorists” who had been “voting on the bill.”

The cohost continued stupidly, “The bill was put together to take care of targeted folks: Asian folks, Jews, women, Blacks. And [Republicans] just said, ‘No, no. We’re gonna create this bill, we’re gonna put it forth, we’re gonna get people to say to it, and then we’re gonna vote it down.’ So when you’re thinking about what direction we’re going in, just know where you’re being protected and how you’re not being protected.”

“This was a simple thing to do. Everybody could have done this,” she said.

Sunny Hostin, who could possibly be dumber than Whoopi, said the bill has been put forth by three Republicans in Sept. 2020 and was approved by a unanimous vote, but “what has changed is, the most extremist violence in the U.S. comes from the political right,” she said.

“There is no way that the Republican party, especially those in the extreme right wing of the parties, are going to vote for this bill because it exposes the party for what it is,” Hostin told the panel. “The party of insurrectionists, the party that welcomes white supremacists under its tent, and that is what changed.”

Goldberg, while looking down her nose, added, “I thought everybody was against white supremacy. I thought that’s what everybody said they were.”

Hostin joined her in ripping Republicans, asking, “What do you stand for if you don’t stand against hate?”

White Supremacy?

They rant about white supremacy when the Buffalo killer was a leftist. An Asian man is responsible for the shooting in the California church. There were two shootings with black young men, one in Milwaukee and one in Texas. There were some reports that they were gang kids. In Milwaukee, 21 people were shot in one night in three different shootings.

No one seems to care.

These women are evil and the show is evil:


The bill they want so badly is atrocious but these ladies wouldn’t know. They never know anything and never try to learn anything.

The bill is dangerous.

The bill authorizes dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The purpose of the offices is to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity. It allows spying on Americans. The bill also requires the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism. It’s broadly defined and can mean almost anything.

They just want to spy on Americans and intimidate political opponents, period.

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