21 shot in NYC in 24 hours! It’s not a gun problem, it’s a Dem problem


Gangs rampaged throughout the five boroughs — every borough — of New York City this weekend, shooting 21 people and killing two.  The no-bail laws of Governor Andrew Cuomo have given leftist judges an excuse to release everyone, even murderers. Mayor Bill de Blasio and his city council are defunding the police, keeping them from doing their jobs, and planning to take away their qualified immunity.

Maybe the police aren’t the problem?

Fox News’s Harris Faulkner reported that in defunded New York City the number of shooting victims has spiked to 68 percent above the figures at this same time last year.

In May, the shootings were up 80%, and in 2020, they were up 94% since 2019.

Nothing will get better. The mayoral candidates are all hard-left. The only one who talks about increasing policing is Eric Adams who said he will bring the City back to the days of David Dinkins. Dinkins was a disaster. The only thing he succeeded in achieving was to divert the planes away from City Hall.

Hate Crimes Continue

Please note that none are committed by white supremacists.

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