Chilling! Newsom changes recall rules to fix them in his favor


Gavin Newsom just corrupted the Recall vote in clear view of everyone. Rep. Kiley reported it but the media is completely ignoring it.

California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley wrote on Twitter, “Gavin Newsom and the Legislature will ram through a new law, AB 152, to give him total control over the date of the Recall vote. That this is unsurprising doesn’t make it any less chilling.”

Wiley wrote on his website that they are “changing the rules in the middle of the game” and “cheat in plain sight.”

“So far, they’ve delayed the vote using a corrupt law from 2017. For instance, they added six weeks to bully people to withdraw their signatures. (The number who chose to do so: 42. That’s less than the number who will win the Newsom Vaccine Lottery.)”

“Newsom thought his best chance was to put the vote off until the state “opens.” Now he’s decided waiting too long presents other risks. So he’s changing the law to set the election exactly when he wants.”


Newsom also has all-mail-in voting that will cover the recall vote.

On February 19, Newsom’s office announced that he had signed legislation to extend the pandemic-inspired policy through 2021.

“When California conducts an election in 2021, it is unknown to what degree the COVID-19 pandemic will still pose a threat to public health,” the legislation said. “The state and its counties need to begin taking action now in order to ensure that elections are held in a manner that is accessible, secure, and safe.”

The only reason to do this is to allow his allies to stuff the ballot boxes.

The recall election could come this summer.

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