210,000 cross the border in July, told to find a border agent in 60 days


Just so you know, more than 210,000 illegal aliens — not migrants or many asylum seekers — crossed our borders in July. Those are the ones we knew about. There were likely many more we don’t know about. At least that’s what the Border Patrol is witnessing.

Fox reporter Peter Doocy asked our figurehead president at today’s presser, “You just said there is no wall high enough and no ocean wide enough to protect us from the virus. So what is the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants across the southern border into U. S. cities in record numbers?”

Joe Biden, who is willfully breaking the law to change our demographics, blathered lies:

Do the illegals coming in look like children to you? What Biden (the Obama-Soros administration?) is doing is enabling Democrats to take over the country. He’s doing it with foreign voters and his actions are criminal.

You must watch this horror in the first clip. These people are pouring in, unvetted, untested and they are given a document that tells them to find a Border Patrol agent in 60 days. In the next clip, you can watch them tear up the documents.

Here they are ripping up the documentation:

At the same time they are making white people into hateful, racist monsters, they are flooding the country with black and brown people, telling them white people hate them. In other words, they are creating a racist country.

They want the votes. This is the plan. Changing demographics with illegal aliens coming for handouts or to commit crimes, without time to assimilate, are making the USA a one-party country with inept totalitarians in charge.

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