23 Democrats Want You the Taxpayer to Subsidize Their Housing


Entitled Democrat Representative Bennie Thompson has found yet another way to waste taxpayer money…on him. They also want their own dorm built. Taxpayers are the bottomless pit for Democrats.

Bennie is pushing the bill to subsidized House members living expenses. He wants to ban House members from sleeping in their offices and allow subsidies up to $3,000…for now. Then he wants a dorm built.

Thompson has also proposed turning a vacant building near Capitol Hill into apartments for House members at the expense of taxpayers, which critics have dubbed a “Congressional Animal House.”

The bill, H.R. 5845, dubbed the ‘No Couches for Congress Act’, bans members sleeping in their offices. He wants a vacant residence turned into ‘affordable’ housing for members of Congress who make $174,000 a year. Most miraculously become millionaires by the time they leave Congress or after. Thompson is trying to say rents are ‘prohibitive’ on their salaries, Free Beacon reported.

Citizens Against Government Waste [CAGW] rejected that argument.

“However, the claim that housing is unaffordable is belied by the average monthly cost of a studio apartment in Washington, D.C., which is $1,602, or less than 10 percent of members’ annual salary,” CAGW continued. “The average American spends 33 percent of his or her annual income on housing.”

The legislation has 23 co-sponsors, all Democrats, including James Clyburn (S.C.), Hank Johnson (Ga.), Elijah Cummings (Md.), and Marcia Fudge (Ohio).

Other members of Congress say it’s a bad idea and Rep. Mike Bishop [R-Mich] says, “It might be a breeding house for something bad.”

“I’m here to work, not relive my college days in a taxpayer-funded dorm,” added Rep. Dan Donovan (R., N.Y.), who sleeps in his office to save money.


  1. I have a better idea… Representatives should receive no compensation (i.e. any form of monies or benefits) from the Federal government. Let each Congressional district compensate their representative as they see fit. Maybe then they’ll remember who they’re supposed to represent.

    • Between “affirmative action” and the “CBC” the blacks are living a life beyond their wildest dreams, and now they want more yet! Kick them out of office!

  2. I think this takes guts. They work 120 days a year and now they want another hand out from the tax payer. If they don’t like the living conditions move out and find another job.

  3. As I recall, Rep. (TX) Dick Armey had a room at the “Y” and his family stayed in Texas and he came home most weekends as he had problems dealing with the toxic atmosphere in D. C. (Da Cesspool)

    Don’t agree with the subsidy, but if they’d make it mandatory to move into a dorm-like facility and only the Congress person can live there (i. e. no family, loved ones, etc.) then it might give them a hint about self-limiting their terms, then I’d agree that some spartan like quarters be built.

    Joe Arpaio could probably run a decent deal for them from a tent and have them planting gardens and repairing streets, too.

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