25 House Dems Circulate a Letter Demanding Joe Withdraw


The Guardian reports that 25 House Democrats are circulating a letter demanding Joe Biden withdraw from the race. The Guardian referred to Biden’s disastrous debate as “lackluster.”

Joe Biden will meet with Democratic governors on Wednesday. On Tuesday, officials said he would also talk with governors and Capitol Hill leaders this week to reassure them of his competence. He hopes to address escalating discontent among party leaders after last week’s calamitous debate performance against Donald Trump.

The Story

As of Tuesday evening, a House Democratic aide said 25 Democratic members of the House of Representatives were preparing to call for Biden to step aside. Biden’s campaign, however, has continued to play down concerns, noting that the president had raised $38m since last week.

On Tuesday, Texan Lloyd Doggett became the first Democrat in the House to publicly urge the president to step aside.

Bloomberg reported they are considering asking Biden to withdraw. Bloomberg spoke with a senior party official.

Billy House, a Bloomberg reporter, added on X that safe-seat House Democrats are circulating a draft letter for colleagues to consider signing that calls for Biden to withdraw from the presidential race. This is NOT a front-line Democratic letter.

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