26% Higher Mortality in the Vaccinated?


The UK is more transparent with medical data than the CDC, and they revealed some shocking numbers analyzed by a top insurance analyst. Leo Hohmann reported this, while the mainstream media ignored it.

Josh Stirling, one of the nation’s top insurance analysts and formerly Senior Research Analyst for U.S. nonlife insurance at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., showed a 26% worse mortality among the vaccinated.

Reuters fact-checkers say it reflects the fact that most people are vaccinated, not that the vaccines caused it. The people died of COVID. Read more on the link, but they did forget one important factor.

If you’re vaccinated, shouldn’t you have better mortality rates? They keep saying vaccines keep us from more serious illness and death, but they haven’t proven it.

The vaccine viability starts to wane at two months. It also can’t keep up with variants.

Another problem with the fact check is what they left out about boosters. Studies suggest vaccines become problematic with boosters because they reduce immunity.

Based on UK government data, the following report was delivered before Sen. Ron Johnson.


Excess deaths raise questions:

While the UK information only gives us a glimpse into what is happening, we would like more transparency and honesty from the CDC. We’d like them to spend less time on politics and more on medicine.

Life Expectancy in the US is #45 of 193 Countries

Provisional data from 2021 shows U.S. life expectancy has dropped to 76.1 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the lowest it has been since 1996.

The study relied on estimates from the U.N. Population Division and the U.S. Mortality Database.

According to the Worldometer in 2023, the US life expectancy is #46 of the world’s countries, down there with Panama. The average is 79.11; the average for women is 81.65, and for men, 76.61.

The Left will tell you it’s about being black in America, but what about gangs and stats that show 50% of the homicides are by black young men mostly to other black young men?

And what about the vaccine? Will no one check it out? What about the open borders and all the world’s people marching in? How about drug deaths? Some disorders require more individual responsibility, but some could be controlled by the government just doing what they are supposed to do – protect us.

The Mindy Factor

Dr. Mindy Cohen will be our new CDC Director.  She is an ideologue and a believer. Mindywon’t study mortality in earnest IMHO. She sounds like a giddy teen.

Dr. Mandy Cohen


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