2nd Accuser’s Lawyer Lied on CNN About the Senate Majority


The second accuser’s attorney lied to Anderson Cooper on CNN. The media, including the Hill, ABC News, and NBC, as well as CNN, reported his claim that his client is willing to testify but the Senate Majority hasn’t explained what the hearing would look like and they haven’t invited her. The attorney, John Clune, told Anderson Cooper last night that the Senate Majority wasn’t getting back to him.

All of that is untrue. The Senate Majority explained they need some kind of evidence or statement before they call a hearing and are eager to investigate.

Sources told Kimberley Strassel that Senate Judiciary staff have now asked Deborah Ramirez, through her attorneys, to provide a statement or any corroborating evidence on five separate occasions. Each time, it was declined.


Ms. Ramirez’s attorney, John Clune, went on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday night. In the interview, he accused the Senate Majority of “game playing” with regards to her testimony. But if you read the emails that have gone back and forth, you know it is an out-and-out lie.

Ramirez’s lawyer, John Clune has presented no evidence whatsoever nor has she presented anything in writing — no written testimony. How can they invite her to speak based on an article in The New Yorker with no evidence?

Later in the interview with Anderson Cooper, Clune said he won’t allow her to be grilled by Senators. He only wants an FBI probe. It sounds like they have nothing and only want to get the negative stories on air.

Clune said he cannot get the majority on the phone, a barefaced lie. He also didn’t answer questions directly.

Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal reporter detailed the communications in tweets:
  1. First majority email goes Sunday, Sept 23, two days ago, hours from when New Yorker story runs, 7:43 pm. It goes to attorneys, notes story, asks when Ramirez is available for interview. Says it is “determined” to take statement and “investigate further.”
  2. At 10:30 pm, a Ramirez attny says will get back. But not till Monday, 3 PM, does Ramirez attny say she wants FBI. Says she might be open to be “interviewed in person”–though only “on appropriate terms (and unclear if by committee or FBI). Attnys suggest call . . next morning.
  3. Few mins later,majority says thanks, but asks again if Ramirez has evidence/statements she is willing to provide to committee? Ramirez attnys defer to as-yet-undefinite call. Majority responds that before “next steps” (call), does Ramirez have evidence/testimony? (3rd ask)
  4. That evening (still Monday), Ramirez attnys refer to New Yorker article as “evidence,” again demand FBI investigation, say client won’t talk before more “details of whatever process you are contemplating.”
  5. Majority instantly responds it “welcomes” any evidence in form of “email or letter” to chairman/ranking, or same from counsel, or statement to committee investigators. (4th ask)
  6. Next morning (Tues., sept. 25) Ramirez attny ignores request again but says since he hasn’t had “confirmation on this call” he is “now unavailable.” Now suggests everyone talk end of day.
  7. Majority responds, again, that before next steps (call), they need to know if Ramirez has evidence other than that in New Yorker article, and will she provide evidence/testimony to investigators? (5th ask) Again they would “welcome” that evidence, in any official form.
  8. (Democrat staff now intervenes with email apologizing for Majority “preconditions.” Offers to put Ramirez attnys in touch with FBI. And offers to get on evening call, undercutting majority request for information.)
  9. A few hours later, Majority makes 6th request for information/statement. Then Mr. Clune goes on CNN to complain at length about Majority “game playing.”

This is a serious accusation. No law enforcement would commence an investigation without such a statement–this is basic request, in line with any committee probe.Yet every polite request for a basic on the record statement is ignored, rebuffed, delayed, denied. GOP has bent backwards.

Finally, as you can read, the claim by Clune that the GOP “blew off scheduled call” (CNN headline) is a flat out falsehood. Majority always said testimony/evidence first.

What does it say when an attorney resorts to these deceptions? And what does it say about CNN who report this without checking?

Additional note: Senator Kennedy tried to reach her lawyer. When the lawyer finally responded after several attempts, the lawyer referred him to The New Yorker article. There is a note on her garbage pail outside her home referring people to her lawyer.

The lawyer said Tuesday that the President’s comments about her were “hurtful” and she is certain of her recollections now. This from a man who lies.


The second accuser has joined the first in calling for an FBI investigation. They are either uninformed or partisans looking to delay the confirmation. The goal is to inform Senators of facts and an FBI probe is a black hole in which Senators have no role or control. A Senate hearing can be just as valuable and it’s transparent. Senators can demand who gets contacted, what questions be asked, see immediate answers, demand follow up.

An FBI investigation would be meaningless. Listen to former Democrat Senator Joe Biden who explained when he was rudely lecturing Clarence Thomas back in 1991.


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El Toro
El Toro
5 years ago


Pilot Dave
Pilot Dave
5 years ago

WE hope the Liberals keep up their hate for our President Trump… it will solidify their Blue Wave in November, but it will be a blue wave of their tears as they cry all night from a loss at the polls the MSM promised they would win, again.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Show trials turned into destructive patterns are in abundance throughout history, including the trials of Jesus Christ, the witch burnings in Salem, Hitler’s regime and reign of terror in French revolution, and the Stalin tyranny.

Albert Moore
Albert Moore
5 years ago

Confirm Kavanaugh now and let the courts sort out the facts in his defamation actions against his accusers.