2nd Episode of ‘J6, The Show Hearing’ Starring Liz Cheney, Flops


“The second public hearing of the House select committee investigating last year’s Capitol riot is a flop. It drew around 10 million total viewers Monday, less than half the audience who watched the committee’s primetime opening presentation last week, according to the New York Post.

The first episode of ‘J6, The Show Hearing’ had a total viewership of only 19 million, even though it was shown on all major stations except Fox. It was on 12 channels, streaming – the works – during primetime.

As we predicted, the boring drama is getting more boring and attracting fewer people.

Episode 3 is postponed. Perhaps they will try to make it a little more action-packed.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., a member of the panel, told reporters that the postponement was due to “technical issues” stemming from an “overwhelming” demand on staff to produce videos.

“We’re trying to give them a little room,” Lofgren said, NBC News reports.

Okay, yeah, sure, that’s it. Everyone wants edited videos. How about releasing the 14,000 hours of raw video so we can figure out what actually happened ourselves?


It’s hard to compete with the Biden melodrama currently going on in our gas stations and our home heating bills as the border is overrun with poor, uneducated people taking jobs from Americans.

My fuel delivery was $970 this month and my car cost $81.78 to fill up. Food is very expensive and moms need baby formula. And it’s going to get worse. While our Federal Reserve Chairman says inflation might continue to 2023, Larry Fink says it will go on for years. Do you know any middle class retired people who can survive that? This is destroying the middle class.

Fox News went with regular programming but streamed the pretend hearing with its one-sided point of view.


The new times for the hearings are Thursday at 1 p.m. EST,  and June 21 and June 23, both at 1 p.m. The days and times for the other shows are not yet announced. Their show will probably get canceled and even Netflix won’t pick them up.

Airing the episodes at 1 pm tell us they’re going for The View audience.

This is bizarre behavior by lawmakers and they’re making fools of themselves before about half the nation, perhaps more. They want you to believe that a mob of a couple of hundred unarmed men and several hundred middle-aged and elderly people with selfie sticks were trying to overturn the government and kill people.

Okay, then.

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