3-16-2020, Another Day That Will Live in Infamy


Three years ago today, on 3-16-2020, the President, unaware of where they would lead us, platformed the public health community. This came after tremendous pressure from the Left. It is the day the US was locked down. Children lost precious education, businesses were lost, and politicians’ mandates became an accepted lifestyle. Elections became suspect, and people lost faith in the American system.

Most of us unwittingly trusted doctors, medicine, and science on 3-16-2020. Trump resisted pressure to lock down nationally and unconstitutionally, but others took his place.

Platforming Fauci on 3-16-2020

Drs. Fauci and Birx couldn’t control their glee on that day as they permanently altered our lives.

It began Fauci’s new normal, exploited by the furtheset political left among us – the politicization of everything.

Governors and corporations became the surrogates for the public health community. They became the virtue signallers of the fearmongering public health community.

3-16-2020 was a terrible day for America and a great day for empowered bureaucrats. We know so much more now.

A lot of things happened on March 16th when America was America.

1802 – Thomas Jefferson signs legislation establishing the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York. We didn’t have to worry about Marxist professors and cadets at West Point.

1881 – The P. T. Barnum and James A. Bailey Circuses merge and debut as “The Greatest Show on Earth.”  We can’t have elephants now because PETA thinks the animals don’t like it.

1912 – First Lady Helen Herron Taft plants the first cherry trees in Washington, DC. It was a better time for America.

1926 – Rocket scientist Robert Goddard launches the first liquid-fuel rocket. It went up 184 feet. He is considered the father of the Space Age for his work as a theorist and engineer. We could innovate without endless regulations.

1968 – Robert Kennedy announces his presidential campaign. A dream died.

1974 – The first performance at the new Grand Ole Opry House is held at Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee. President Nixon and his wife Pat were the first presidential couple to attend the Opry. Nixon is still the only president to perform at the Opry when he played “God Bless America” on the piano. He also played “Happy Birthday” to First Lady Pat Nixon. We don’t hear God Bless America much any longer.

1995 – The Mississippi House of Representatives finally ratified the 13th Amendment, formally abolishing slavery. FINALLY!

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