3 Aborigine Teens Without COV Were Arrested After Escaping from Quarantine Camp


Last week, the Chief Premier of Australia’s Northern Territory, Michael Gunner, employed the military to round up Aboriginal tribes and place them into a COVID quarantine facility called Howard Springs.

He said they wanted to stay in the “gold standard” quarantine camps.

In his fury at the backlash, he claimed the UK, US, and other trolls were spreading lies about the quarantine.

The three men, teenage aborigines — ages 15-16-17 — scaled the wall of the Howard Springs quarantine camp they wanted to be in so much – and ran off to freedom.

All three of the teens do NOT have COVID.

A manhunt with helicopters, roadblocks, and vehicle searches quickly went into action. The three teens were captured and arrested.

The quarantine was put in place because one man came in with the [mild, very mild] Omicron variant, the Guardian reports. Another man, who also was an aborigine without COV, had escaped from the “gold standard” camp the week before.

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