BLM Promotes Racist BlackXmas — Really


The National BLM organization is dreaming of a Black Christmas: “Black Lives Matter has been challenging people to “dream of a #BlackXmas,” to intentionally use our economic resources to disrupt white-supremacist-capitalism and build Black community.”


BLM agitators in California want people to direct all their festive spending to black-owned companies and pull investment out of their white-owned counterparts.

So, Merry Christmas to you too.

#BlackXmas is an idea from Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists in Los Angeles. The premise is not to spend any money on Christmas items that aren’t produced by black-owned businesses.

Additionally, Black Pound Day, already exists in the UK, but it’s only a single day every month and its only aim is to help small local firms trying to establish themselves.

#BlackXmas is different and is one more hateful, poisonous racist agenda. It clearly and intentionally encourages consumers to “divest from white corporations”.

The BLM campaign also demands, ‘If You Must Buy, #BuyBlack’, which presumably wants parents not to hunt down the latest toy for their kids, but instead to trawl corporate records to see who manufactures it and if they are black.

This type of racism is as evil as racism against Blacks or anyone.

This #CyberMonday let’s not feed the white-supremacist-capitalism that works us up into a consumerist frenzy, exploits workers & relies on police violence in order to reap profits. Let’s intentionally use our dollars to build strong community.

You can’t constantly blow everything up over perceived imbalances, as your entire life will become a never-ending battle that goes nowhere.

BLM would do well to remember this. Life is not perfect and injustice is still very real, but polluting the festive season with racist rabble-rousing is unacceptable. It would be better to divest from #BlackXmas.

This is the opposite of Jesus’s message of love, caring, and generosity.

The racist, anti-Semitic, communist organization, which is often violent, not only misses the meaning of Christmas, but they leave out Christ and claim Xmas to allegedly show solidarity with their group which focuses on the unimportant attribute of skin color.

When these radical communist groups complain of ‘white supremacy, they mean every white person. By ‘white supremacy, they mean they don’t like the fact that there are more whites and it gives them power.

Of course Black Lives Matter, but why don’t the lives of black people being killed in our inner cities matter?

BLM’s purpose is to tear down our entire country in every way possible because whites guided its formation for the most part. They are honest about it although they did modify the statements on their website to a kinder, gentler, communist platform.

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