3 NYC Teens Murdered in Daylight Hours — de Blasio Bleats About NYPD “Customer service”


3 NYC Teens Murdered in Daylight Hours — de Blasio Bleats About NYPD “Customer service”


This week, on the “mean streets” of New York City, three 16-year-old males were gunned down, before the sun went down.  Meanwhile, on Thursday, Mayor de Blasio summed up his policing priorities in two words, “customer service.”

During his daily City Hall news conference, de Blasio ignored the pressing issue of public safety and called his “revolutionary” initiative for the NYPD “a paradigm shift,” saying, “Customer service has to be what the NYPD is about.”

He said part of the push would involve putting a “community guide” in each of the city’s police stations to greet visitors at the door.

Billy said he was motivated by years of complaints about cops who are sometimes “gruff and dismissive.”

He continued, “So many people who just were trying to exercise their rights to get information…..were treated in a way that doesn’t have anything to do with customer service or respect.”

The mayor added, “That’s not acceptable and it’s not going to build the bond we need.”

The clueless dolt’s remarks came just hours after Jaden Turnage, 16, was chased down a street in Bedford-Stuyvesant and fatally shot around 6:15 p.m. Wednesday.

A 16-year-old, reputed gang member Nisayah Sanchez, also died early Thursday after being gunned down in The Bronx by two shooters who jumped out of a car and opened fire around 12:50 p.m. Wednesday.

Those brazen killings followed the slaying of Cahlil Pennington, also 16, who was shot in the head during a broad daylight gun battle along a commercial strip in East New York around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

So as the Big Apple continues circling the drain, with violent crime rising, Bill de Blasio wants to install “greeters” at the doors of city police stations.  Yeah, that’ll turn things around.

Perhaps GOP candidate for Mayor, Curtis Sliwa summed it up best, calling it “the Walmart approach to policing” and “maybe the dumbest idea I’ve heard yet of all the dumb ideas that have come out of the de Blasio administration.”

Curtis asked, “How about just hiring more cops?”

No can do Curtis.  Billy followed the Democrat crime-fighting playbook by cutting big bucks slated for the city’s law enforcement.

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