3 of Biden’s Iran Team Quit Because US Put “National Security at Risk”


Republican Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida on Tuesday was pleased to see three Biden administration officials walk away from their roles on the State Department’s nuclear talks with Iran. The reason is the US was being too soft. These are men Biden’s team chose.

Rep. Waltz of Florida said their departure at a critical junction of the discussions is a reflection of President Joe Biden’s policies putting “national security at risk.”

A State Department official confirmed that Richard Nephew, known as the architect of sanctions on Tehran, had stepped down as U.S. Deputy Special Envoy for Iran after urging a tougher stance on nuclear talks.

At the same time, the Wall Street Journal reported that two other negotiators had stepped aside from their positions because they wanted a harder negotiating position.

Waltz joined their call on Tuesday to urge Biden to return to his predecessor Donald Trump’s ‘policy of maximum pressure’ against Tehran’s regime.

“It’s good to see some officials recognize when diplomacy gets too desperate and begins to really put American national security at risk,” the Florida Republican said.

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