3 Reasons It’s Likely Trump’s Conversation w/ Taliban Was as Tough He Claims


3 Reasons It’s Likely Trump’s Conversation with Taliban Was as Tough He Claims

We have heard reports that President Donald Trump had strong words, which included some not-so-subtle threats when speaking to the Taliban’s top negotiator.

We’ve been told our Commander in Chief, fresh off ordering a US drone strike that killed top Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani at a Bagdad airport, was completely clear in his message.  If the Taliban causes arms to Americans or any of our interests they would be hit with the full force of the US Military in ways no one has seen before.

Reportedly, Trump also mentioned he knew where the negotiator was at that moment, and also had locations of the villages of other Taliban leaders.  In that context, he may have mentioned his 2017 use of the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB),  to blow up ISIS caves in Afghanistan.  Or maybe he didn’t have to.   Of course, Donald’s critics were quick to dismiss this kind of tough talk as typical Trump braggadocio.

Here are three reasons their claims are likely untrue

  1. Every member of the president’s team, privy to the critical call, confirmed his story.
  2. For roughly a year and a half, with a reduced force of about 2,500 troops, the Americans suffered no loss of life.
  3. And while the above-mentioned reason is primary, there is a more telling signal that everything Donald Trump described was accurate.  Simply put, if it had been misstated in any way, Swampers,  who spent years trying to destroy him, in all the alphabet agencies would have leaked a damaging transcript.

Their silence is their consent, and it must be driving them loonier than they already are.

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