3-star general thanks US troops, only they’re British


This weekend, US Army Lt. General Maria Gervais — a 3-star general — tweeted a photo of what she thought were US troops and thanked them for their efforts. She spelled heroes like the sandwich.

The problem is that the troops she thought were US military, were actually British.

“This picture is worth 1000 words — thanks to these American hero’s [sic]. #Grateful,” she said as she missed the British uniforms and weapons.

Oh, well, it’s nice she was grateful, but it doesn’t make one feel confident in these new generals.

The Brits politely thanked her. Embarrassing!

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1 year ago

The Military used to attract smart people, now even the “educated people” in charge are morons. If she was observant at all, she would have noticed that the group of soldiers in the picture were not ethically diverse enough to be American Soldiers.