31 phones wiped, no problem, pull cord has a noose knot, 15 agents on it


Okay, so let me get this straight, 15 or 31 phones were wiped after the Department of Justice asked the owners, the subjects of the probe of the Russia-Trump hoax, to preserve them. Also, we had to get that information from a private watchdog, Judicial Watch. FBI Director Wray didn’t reveal this nor did he hold anyone accountable.

Thirty-one phones just happen to get wiped “accidentally” of high-profile people. These same people are working on a high profile investigation. Sure, very believable. They’re not laughing at all of us, I’m sure.

Mueller’s deputy, Andy Weissman “accidentally” wiped two of the phones.

All they had to do was invite Hillary over with her hammers and BleachBit.

What does Congress actually do besides take away our freedoms with bills? Where are they and why didn’t they get this information?

Imagine if you wiped your cellphone after the FBI or DOJ said to preserve it? What do you think would happen? Imagine if Trump’s team wiped their phones under these circumstances.

No one but this Clinesmith fellow was held accountable so far.

Yet, if Bubba Wallace thinks a pull cord is a noose, the FBI sends 15 agents to investigate. Maybe that’s the solution. Ask Bubba to call for an investigation.



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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Thsi is another great job by Judicial Watch. The destruction of data by Mueller has been known for at least 2 years, it came out in a house investigation. The data on those DOJ phones is centrally stored. There is no chance that data is gone unless the backups were destroyed. (A similar situation happened with Hillary’s and Lerner’s data). There is no doubt this is a crime. There is no doubt that Barr’s office knew about this the entire time, since they have all of Mueller’s records.

Barr is a continuation of Sessions. Both had opportunities to act in the midst of criminal revelations about Mueller and did not. Barr has been carefully testing what he can get away with. His strategy to be a camera hound (more than Graham) and do his hero act is very effective, he has most of the nation fooled. Barr sees a green light to let this all pass now.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Anyone notice YET that the Main sewer Stream fake media are as silent on this as they have been regarding Cannon Hinnant…the silence is “ear splitting”!!!