King Fauci wants a lockdown & have us sit home until there is a vaccine


Dr. Fauci is at it again. He’s blathering about lockdowns. Currently, the school lockdown is equivalent to child abuse. In New York, Cuomo and de Blasio are literally destroying New York City. Restaurants and other mom & pops are failing, thanks to the lockdown.

Without mentioning the fact that some places were totally locked down and had a surge in virus cases, Dr. Fauci claimed the stringent measures are solely responsible for the decrease in cases.

We don’t know that for certain.

He is concerned that the Midwest is going to be hit and he harshly criticized South Dakota and Iowa for remaining open. [but they’re fine and don’t need to lock down].

“As we try to open up, and we don’t do it correctly, we’re going to see these surges that we’ve seen in the southern states, in the midwest, and now, if you look at the map, it’s Montana, North and South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, those are the ones that are surging,” Fauci said in his remarks.

“As we get into the Fall and we do more indoor things, we are likely going to see upticks in COVID-19,” he continued.

As for the coming influenza season, the bureaucrat called for the United States to model itself after Australia, whose politicians have instituted something resembling a police state in Victoria, reporter Jordan Schachtel said.

“They have had the lightest influenza season in memory,” Fauci exclaimed. “They’re doing the things … They are wearing masks, they are physical distancing, they are washing their hands, and they are avoiding crowds,” he added. However, they have nightly curfews, a complete economic shutdown, citizens can’t leave their homes unless they have an authorized excuse, and other more, Schachtel writes.

Schachtel calls Dr. Fauci the mad scientist. In any case, he is a totalitarian and wants us to sit home until there is a vaccine as people kill themselves, lose their livelihoods, and children’s school years are destroyed.


You can watch crazy Dr. Fauci’s full interview on Jordan Schachtel’s piece and read his comments there.

Looky here at this while you’re at it. Dr. Fauci hangs with the worst of company:



    • Michael, it is only political, as Didier Rault, the French virologist affirmed. In France, the military bought Hydroxychloroquine for their soldiers and their dear ones. They said to the corrupt scum Macron,.screw you, we won’t let our people die.
      Unfortunately the blind sheeps still don’t see it, a free NWO preview revealing right before their eyes.

      • Pitiful eh!!! Meanwhile the corrupt sold out vacuous Main sewer Stream fake Media continue to plug the “panic” and the fear on what seems to be on a “minute by minute” basis…similar to “orange man bad” coverage leading up to 2016, and apparently into 2020 too…There are NONE so blind as those who REFUSE to see !!!

  1. No doubt the Saint Fauci would prefer these methods to control the public. Australia is So progressively benevolent.

    This is the aftermath, after nearly ripping OFF the woman’s top.

    Fauci did admit how he convinced Trump to do everything he wanted. He said, specifically, that he injected the phrase, “the science” in order to convince Trump to do every action. Of course in the briefings he had been saying, “science, science, science”, on and on. Fauci is becoming more of a “con-artists” than a “scientist”. He wouldn’t be “downplaying” HCQ, Now, when a couple years ago he proclaimed the opposite.

    What Will he say if the vaccine doesn’t pan out. Evidently these phase trials will not include animal testing, which means no live viruses will be included in determining efficacy. This has been the issue in the past, that once an infection of the virus occurs, there have been disastrous results. We won’t know the effects of a live virus infection after vaccination.

  2. Fauci is nothing but an erratic supporter of the panic plot. He is fed what to say. He has personal and financial interests in it. He never talks science, his words are a bunch of slogans and speculations.

    This plot is intended to seize control of the nation, politically, economically, socially.

    The USA in incredibly corrupt. All it would take is investigations of Fauci by the senate and DOJ, and he would be promptly destroyed. High officials in the USA are allowing this national destruction.

  3. When a vaccine is ready, POTUS must order all Federal employees get vaccinated as a condition of employment. This action will reduce the size of government by those who refuse. Then if the vaccine disables or kills the FEs, a further reduction will occur. Including Fauci.

  4. So why are Fauci and everyone else of the profiteers not talking about Ivermectin which has proven to be extremely effective in stopping most of the virus in 24 hours and 99+% in 48 hours in Australian tests?

  5. The patented vaccine by esteemed party member comrade kommissar Fraudski isn’t ready yet and society must be locked down until it is.
    Forward! Yes we can…burn it all down.

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