35,000 Africans surge ahead towards the US


According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 35,000 more African migrants are currently in Central America en route to the United States.

Word has spread around the world that it is easy to get into the United States. Tens of thousands of Middle Easterners and Africans are in Panama on their way to the United States.

Hundreds of African migrants who were dumped in San Antonio recently were also seen holding wads of $100 bills. Most are well-dressed and carrying some pricey items. Currently, they are already in placements around the country.

A freelance journalist in Central America and a Mississippi-based nurse who has worked for years in Panama both told the Center for Immigration Studies that “a surge is currently underway the likes of which neither has ever seen.”

These illegal aliens are all anonymous.

The massive numbers of migrants include people from some terrible countries like Cuba. They are coming from Cameroon, Ghana, Congo, Haiti, Cuba, and the Middle East.

Two witnesses in Colombia and Panama told CIS there are about 35,000. These invaders could be terrorists, they could have dangerous diseases, and they could be America haters.

Well-dressed in designer clothes:

Currently, the cartels have operational control of our border. Anyone can come in and the cartels are getting very rich off it.

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