38,000 Kids Had to Be Jabbed to Stop One COVID Hospitalization


To stop one severe Covid case in children aged 5-15, about 38,000 kids would need to be dosed with mRNA Covid jabs, British researchers have found.

~Alex Berenson

A huge, extensive British study found that the COVID jab for children 5-15 resulted in side effects for thousands of children. Hundreds had serious side effects, and it was all to stop one COVID hospitalization.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson reported the news on his substack, but the study was published in the Lancet last month.

The CDC is still pushing the jab for children, but this should be the end of the mRNA shots.

The researchers who conducted the study are pro-jab and downplayed the results, but the truth is out. It was funded by the UK’s National Institute for Health Data Science.

Children were seriously hurt in this wild experiment.

Covid 19 vaccine

Europeans were much more reluctant to vaccinate their children than Americans which served their children well.

Calculations showed that to avoid those 200 COVID hospitalizations in children – not deaths or intensive care stays, but hospitalizations – 7.5 million kids would need to be jabbed.

The results were hardly better for people aged 16-74. The jabs were only about 30 percent effective against hospitalization or death (not infection). And about 15,000 adults would have needed to be “fully vaccinated” to avoid one “severe case,” Berenson writes on his substack Unreported Truths.

About 14,000 people under 75 would have needed at least one extra mRNA shot to prevent one Covid hospitalization or death.

For adults 75 and over, vaccinating them would have stopped about 5,400 hospitalizations or deaths. In other words, instead of needing tens of thousands of “full vaccinations” to prevent a severe Covid case, only 330 were required for people over 75.

For children, vaccination had only a downside.

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Afshin Nejat
Afshin Nejat
25 days ago

“But every life matters, goy”
“But only black lives matter, goy”
“Why are you putting grandma at risk, goy”
“we need an extra .5 billion on top of the 1B/month goy”
“Borders and walls are racist, goy”
“help us genocide our neighbors when we aren’t sinking your ships, goy”

26 days ago

Did NOT comply!

As the patriarch of MY family, I kept all of us safer by NOT complying.

True bloods that walk amongst the naturally

#FTheKenyanTraitor + #FjoKeBidumB and their low-info (IQ) DemoNcrat electorate


Save America
Save America
26 days ago

It was a test of people’s trust. Many trusted the government, but I don’t think that’s the case today. When they rolled out the useless RSV vaccine, most people I know who took the covid jab, scoffed at the RSV vaccine. Which if you listened to their commercials, they tell you outright, the RSV vaccine doesn’t protect you against getting RSV.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
27 days ago

There is so much wrong with this icluding
1) The dollar costs of the vaccines
2) The danger to you lives

Last edited 27 days ago by Peter B. Prange