4 Children of a Single Mother at Waukesha Parade Are Seriously Injured



My name is Alicia Masino. My close friend of over 30 years, Kathy Y’s, four children, ages ranging 7-14 years, were unfortunately seriously injured during the tragedy at the Waukesha Christmas parade on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Kathy’s children have participated in the Waukesha parade the last few years as part of the Waukesha Xtreme dance team. Two of her daughters were performing while her oldest daughter and son were passing out candy when an SUV drove through the parade striking over 50 people leaving many injured including all four of her children. All four children were rushed to Children’s Hospital to receive the following treatments:

-Fractured Tailbone/Bruised Lungs/Concussion (7 year old)

-Surgery for severe femur injury (plate and pins inserted), broken legs & arm, wheelchair confined for the next several months. (8 year old)

-Multiple Bone & Knee Injuries/Concussion (10 year Old)

-Sprained Knee/Emotional Trauma (searching for her younger siblings after the hit) (14 year Old)

Kathy Y.  would like to keep the identities of her children private as they are emotionally and physically traumatized. She was reluctant to ask for help, however, as she prepares to leave Children’s Hospital it has become evident that the mounting hospital bills and ongoing therapies for four children will be significant. Kathy is newly divorced and is planning on taking a temporary leave of absence from her job to care for her most injured child as his recovery is long term.  She will be the primary caretaker for her son during his recovery.

Her family and close friends thank you in advance for any contribution. All funds will be used for medical bills, therapies and potential impact to Kathy’s income. This family has been through so much the last few months. These children have recently lost their only uncle and now have to endure the emotional and physical aftermath of this tragedy. Again, thank you for any contributions. Please feel free to share with anyone who can help. The GOFUNDME PAGE.

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Sick of it All
Sick of it All
2 years ago

More pain at the hands of a real domestic terrorist. I agree with you Lexington.

2 years ago

The state of WI should be picking up the tab for all medical and loss of work who were injured because of their own negli8gence in allowing this sub human ill begotten creature out on a $1000 bail after the previuo9s crime(s) he co9mmited in his long list of offences. And further for allowing the riots in their state to go unabated. makes the state WI legally liable. Who ever the judge was should be fired and loose his law license along with the shyster attorneys..