40 Reps voted against the coronavirus stimulus for good reasons


Earlier today, we posted what we knew about the pork-laden stimulus to address the coronavirus. It was passed by the House at 1 a.m. and there is no way everyone knew what was in the bill. The bigger concern is that some of these unnecessary welfare items could be permanent.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), wouldn’t simply target the disease. She saw the disease as an opportunity to fill a wishlist.

Forty Republicans voted against it and they are getting trashed for it. Rep. Gohmert is one who voted nay since he was very concerned about the sketchy process.


“I got a bill around about 9 o’clock or so, I was told it was the most recent draft. I got through it in time to have a number of questions,” but then the vote was rushed, he said. “I get a copy of the bill we were gonna vote on and get it right before the buzzer goes off.”

“This is no way to handle something so important,” Gohmert rightly insisted. “Questions I couldn’t get answered are going to put people out of business. This is no way to handle billions and billions of dollars when we are trying to help people; and, we don’t even know whether we will help them or hurt them.”


Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) voted against it due to this process and the unnecessary stipulations.

“On the heels of a massive $8.3 billion emergency spending package, Speaker Pelosi rushed a second short-sighted emergency bill, passed in the middle of the night and behind closed doors, that does more harm than good,” Banks said in a statement.

It Massively Expands the Welfare State

“While there are some good things in the bill, we don’t know the final price tag. Some language will mean major harm for small businesses and our economy. Moreover, it greases the skids for massive bailout packages for industries forced to implement these costly policies. Our national debt is nearing $23.5 trillion–our children’s generation can’t afford it,” he added. “Congress should have stuck with writing a narrow bill that ensures testing availability and support for American families directly affected by COVID-19. Instead, it chose to radically expand the welfare state and set the scene for future spending.”

He also found so-called errors.

Banks also accused the Democrats of causing the mask shortage, which appears to be the case. Democrats have blocked progress over the legal protections for the manufacturers. They don’t want them and the trial lawyers want the protections out.

The original bill was a socialist dream bill.

The President supported this after his ally, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin negotiated it with Pelosi. It’s unclear why he supports it, but he believes he needs the money quickly. It goes to the Senate next and they will hopefully take a close look at this bill. We don’t know what Pelosi put in it and how much of her pork is permanent.

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