Good Grief! Biden insists on no travel bans, even from China


Possibly-senile presidential candidate Joe Biden is still insisting that we need to keep our borders open despite Coronavirus. He doesn’t see why we need to ban travel from Europe.

President Trump is reportedly going to ban travel from the U.K. and Ireland on Monday. They insist on no travel bans. Seventy percent of people in the U.S. who contract Coronavirus get it from Europeans.

France just announced they will shutter all restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and non-essential stores. Israel is also shutting down restaurants, cafes and movie theaters starting Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said public services such as banks, grocery stores, and pharmacies will be allowed to remain open, Fox News reported.

Canadian members of parliament have voted to suspend the activity of the country’s parliament over fears of the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus just a day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his self-isolation.

Spain was placed on lockdown as the Prime Minister banned people leaving home except for work or food shopping to control virus as coronavirus cases soared by a third overnight to 5,753.

Italy has been on lockdown.

The President has slowed the spread of the disease in the United States with his early banning of China and then Iran. It is the most effective action that was taken.
Biden’s ideological stand is absurd and not based in reality. These are not Biden’s thoughts, however. He isn’t capable of any deep thought. His far-left handlers came up with this.

His plan for the virus which steals liberally from President Trump’s plan, omits all travel bans, even from China, where the virus originated and where the majority of the more than 80,000 Chinese nationals infected with the coronavirus live.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Director of the Centers for Disease Control has repeatedly said that stopping travel from highly-affected countries is vital to stopping the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., yet Biden claims he would listen to the scientists and doctors.

A wall will stop people with the virus. Is he really that stupid?

He is very dishonest and confused. His statement that bans are based on favoritism is not based in reality. Everything the President has done is what he was advised to do by the scientists and doctors.



  1. Hair-Sniffer Biden is a senile moron. The man would be an complete disaster as president. He isn’t mentally capable of running a one car parade, much less this country.

  2. The germs don’t care. All fairytale delusions of a borderless Benetton world are right out the window with this germinal on the loose.
    If these cloud cuckoo statist utopian people aren’t reeled in then they will become a danger to us all.
    Had a medical issue with my foot and there is no way I’m going near a hospital right now. It is not a stage 3 meltdown and my appointment with primary care is at the end of the month so it can wait.

  3. I had a stepdad in a memory unit …he was diagnosed with stage one Alzheimer’s…the first stage. I didn’t know him real well. After spending a lot of time there, I believe that Biden is farther along by far than my relative. Biden needs to be locked up for many reasons;)

    • Why is it that his wife Jill would allow this poor man to make a fool of himself. Obviously, she has been over-powered by the old Clinton-Gore cabal. There is no shame anymore.

  4. This is just too fishy. Is Biden acting? We may know if he wins the nomination and nominates HIllary Clinton or Michelle Obama as a running mate.

  5. If the dems can get enough illegals and dead people to vote for him and on top of that cheat as they are very capable of, and somehow win the election, then after Biden is inaugurated they will soon declare him incompetent for medical reasons and install their candidate of choice, probably the evil Hillary, as Vice President (that’s if Biden hasn’t already chosen her as his running mate). Basically Biden is only a shill to get their eventually choice in as POTUS! That’s my theory.

    • First of all Biden has to be the candidate, then he has to go up against Trump. His condition is so bad even Democrats aren’t going to vote for him because it won’t any longer be hidden. Remember the most rabid seekers of power in the Democrat party aren’t the voters, it’s the DNC and media. Regular Dem voters will stay home in droves no matter who Joe picks for VP if he even lasts that long.

  6. Only one way to fix all this, put DJT back into office, hopefully with Pence in some new job and Nikki Haley as VP which then rockets her into 8 years of more Ttump thinking, thru Nikki and maybe Ivanka, Jarred and Jr can hang around to help her out. Then I will be happy that this country is in decent hands.

  7. “Possibly-senile presidential candidate Joe Biden”

    Believe what the author was looking for here was –

    “Potentially sentient lump of child snorting graft and all around bribe/payoff receptacle, Joe Biden”

  8. The Dem strategy: Whatever the Trump administration does, do the opposite and keep calling Trump policies insane. I now listen to Dr. Fauci and no one else. Trump is now following Fauci’s advice, and that is what I want.

  9. Neither Biden or Trump can speak in coherent sentences on these technical issues .I cringe when Trump trys to answer questions at these news conferences.”Shut up! I know you like to hear the sound of your own voice but your 10 word vocabulary is embarassing!” Biden simply has a ministroke and is completely lost. The difference though is that Trump is “Doing” the right things. Biden would not. In crisis like these there is right and wrong answers, The Democrats always want to take the other side as they can never agree with Trump. that’s stupid.. Trump has the right people working in this crisis, let them talk or read a prepared speech. This is not a rally where he can wing it, he’s good at that. This virus issue needs the experts to answer the questions. Trump needs to introduce them, sit down, and shut up. you’re instituting the right policies, but you’re really bad at explaining them. Biden will do neither. But I’m looking forward to the debate tonight, Bernie will pummel old Joe even with his wacked out Socialist views..Watch the veins in Joes forehead, they may burst. At some time you’ll see Joe lose it and not know where he is, what the question is, ect..Have the stroke team on standby for Joe, the cardiac unit for Bernie, we’ll see who drops first.

  10. What Joe Biden’s candidacy illustrates is the capacity and depth of Democratic voters for ignorance and stupidity tethered to a total tolerance of corruption and how the globalist establishment has managed to flawlessly harness it to dominate the nation.

  11. I have warned about globalism to politicians, to business owners, to my church ever since 1986. Voiced my distrust to all trade treaties, the WTO with my Senator at the time HANK BROWN (CO) and my Congressman Wayne Allard (CO) HANK BROWN voted against the GATT treaty and WTO and ALLARD like other RINO’s voted for it along with the Socialist Democommunists. Hmm, who was correct in their assessment some 33+ years later. People that LOVE AMERICA and understand there is no such thing as free trade only job loss, economic loss, job loss, health loss, etc… WAKE up AMERICA and let us restore this nation and rebuild the REPUBLIC.

  12. What if Biden wins the nomination but then at the convention reveals he has Alzheimers? Do the delegates then select whoever they want or have been paid to vote for, be that Hillary or whoever?

  13. For once the Biden idiot is right. This is identical to the mass hysteria and hoarding I remember during the initial phases of WW2. … In the early 1940’s the government finally resorted to printing posters denouncing hoaders to help the war effort and stop the crazyness.

    The coronavirus is a nothingburger compared with all the other viruses we live with every day, or with auto accidents and drug overdoses. … Get off of it, everybody.

    Let the kids play in the dirt and exercise their immune systems to stay healthy naturally. Stop using soaps that kill germs for the same reason. I stopped getting flu shots 20 years ago. I’m 89 and never get sick or catch the flu. … Sheeesh !!!

    • I don’t know what to make of it. I had the Swine flu in 1976 and no one cared all that much then. The H1N1 was terrible but the reaction was never like this. If we do this every time one of these things comes along, we won’t have an economy.

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