Good Grief! Biden insists on no travel bans, even from China


Possibly-senile presidential candidate Joe Biden is still insisting that we need to keep our borders open despite Coronavirus. He doesn’t see why we need to ban travel from Europe.

President Trump is reportedly going to ban travel from the U.K. and Ireland on Monday. They insist on no travel bans. Seventy percent of people in the U.S. who contract Coronavirus get it from Europeans.

France just announced they will shutter all restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and non-essential stores. Israel is also shutting down restaurants, cafes and movie theaters starting Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said public services such as banks, grocery stores, and pharmacies will be allowed to remain open, Fox News reported.

Canadian members of parliament have voted to suspend the activity of the country’s parliament over fears of the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus just a day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his self-isolation.

Spain was placed on lockdown as the Prime Minister banned people leaving home except for work or food shopping to control virus as coronavirus cases soared by a third overnight to 5,753.

Italy has been on lockdown.

The President has slowed the spread of the disease in the United States with his early banning of China and then Iran. It is the most effective action that was taken.
Biden’s ideological stand is absurd and not based in reality. These are not Biden’s thoughts, however. He isn’t capable of any deep thought. His far-left handlers came up with this.

His plan for the virus which steals liberally from President Trump’s plan, omits all travel bans, even from China, where the virus originated and where the majority of the more than 80,000 Chinese nationals infected with the coronavirus live.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Director of the Centers for Disease Control has repeatedly said that stopping travel from highly-affected countries is vital to stopping the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., yet Biden claims he would listen to the scientists and doctors.

A wall will stop people with the virus. Is he really that stupid?

He is very dishonest and confused. His statement that bans are based on favoritism is not based in reality. Everything the President has done is what he was advised to do by the scientists and doctors.

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