400K Solar Umbrellas Recalled Because They Go on Fire


Green umbrellas with a built-in solar panel and LED lights sold at Costco can go on fire and some have. Costco had to recall about 400,000 of the products because the lithium-ion batteries can overheat and catch fire.

SunVilla Corp. of Chino, California, said it has received six reports of the batteries in the umbrellas’ black solar panel overheating, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The solar panel attaches at the top of the 10-foot umbrella and powers LED lights down the umbrella arms.

In three cases, the solar panels caught fire while charging via the AC adapter indoors, the CPSC said.  Two went on fire and one caused smoke inhalation injury.

The umbrellas were sold at Costco warehouses and online across the U.S. and in Canada from December 2020 through May 2022 for $130-$160. About 33,000 were sold in Canada.

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