The Word “Looting” Is Racist, You May Call It Organized Burglary


ABC News doesn’t want you to use the word “LOOTING” when describing the smash and grab robberies in upscale stores in the Bay Area after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict came in. Over a million dollars worth of LOOT was taken. The network says that the word LOOTING is associated with black people (it’s racist?).

As an example of how the word ‘looting’ became tied to black people, they say black people looted out of desperation during the Hurricane Katrina emergency before help arrived.

That is a rewrite of what happened. There was that in the beginning, but much of the looting was for stealing’s sake. In truth, people were stealing TVs, computers, jewelry, and other unnecessary, ‘luxury’ items.

Looters are allowed to loot in San Fran BY LAW up to $900 and have gone one step beyond for months. They now send in teams to stores and each person in the team steals their $900 worth of goods. They have all or almost all been black.


Smash and grab robberies appear to be more of the same except in upscale stores, accelerated by the Rittenhouse verdict, but the media doesn’t want me to say that. They believe it suggests the crimes are committed by black people. Don’t call it looting because we don’t know the race of the people robbing [even though people who saw the thieves describe them as black]. We don’t doubt some are white and does it matter? We can easily imagine white people behind it.

In reality, this is a massive theft operation caused by Democrat politician’s laws and facilitated, encouraged, and lied about by a corrupt media.

The corrupt media, along with political operatives, have told black people they are victims of evil white people and deserve reparations so what did the media think would happen? They let them steal, close prisons, don’t charge them for looting and other crimes, don’t require bail. What did they think would happen?

There is survival looting, and there is looting of property from the “rich” or some other group that has been dehumanized by the Left in the media, politics, Hollywood, schools and so on.

Watch the video telling you not to use the word looting. Get to 1:45 and 3:09 for the whole racist part. The truth is that if whites do it and Antifa whites do do it, it’s still looting:

Looters rearrange property rights by taking possession of goods, moving them around, and consuming, selling, or destroying them, thus disrupting the balance between owners and non-owners. It’s a direct hit on property rights.

You have heard the Left dismiss robberies as unimportant because it’s “just property.”

The American Marxists now running at least one political party and the media do not believe in property rights except for themselves. They are property outlaws.

It is a breakdown of our system of property rights and it’s wealth redistribution. Looting applies.

Smash and grab robberies are violent, large-scale group looting and can be seen as a mass protest against society’s conception of ownership and order.

When people steal for survival as some did during Hurricane Katrina, we suspend our belief in the system of property rights, and look at the goods needed as more communal. People justify it.

However, Marxists now blur the lines between survival looting and ‘luxury’ looting.

The Soros DAs in charge in California, especially San Fran and LA, have extended the idea of justified looting and changed it to an irrational theft of $900 per person for no reason, other than to damage our system of property rights. It’s not their property they are giving away, but it’s a Marxist message to people with some assets that they have to give $900 away for free to every person, or should we state the obvious, to every minority person.

It applies to anyone they say it applies to. For instance, homeless can sleep in any person’s car in San Fran.

So, yes, looting is stealing that occurs during a general disturbance, and there is a constant general disturbance thanks to feckless politicians and the media. It’s looting and burglary. Both Words work.

Some of the people caught are pictured here, most aren’t caught:

CBS didn’t get the memo yet and called it a “swarm of looters”. Their headline for this clip: Swarm Of Looters Take Part In Smash-And-Grab Burglary At The Grove, Lead Police On Chase

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Brent Dawsenn
Brent Dawsenn
1 year ago

OK…Here’s a little more hammering on the malleable mindset of the Liberals.Bear with me now:

The act of looting, the act of stealing during a general disturbance.

In many foreign countries looting is either punished with lengthy prison terms or death penalty.
Kyrgyz parliamentary committee sends bill criminalizing looting for rework

Any money or valuables that have been robbed or plundered from someone or something.

stolen goods; stolen money. Where’s the loot? I want my piece.

Over time, looting came to include unlawful taking in the wake of a natural disaster or civil unrest. Only a few states have specific looting statutes; the others punish the behavior as a form of burglary or theft. People who loot tend to receive harsher penalties than they would had they committed the same theft in a non-emergency situation. The reason is that without the normal security provided by security guards and the deterrence supplied by the presence of passers-by and beat cops, the victims are more vulnerable.

There is a F I N E L I N E between “Mass robbery”,organized or not,and “Looting”.
At the end of the day,it is just plain stealing.And those who are doing it know so.
You can’t tell me that all these morons have that little intelligence when they are out
committing these acts,that they don’t grasp the concept of right and wrong? Anyone
who would sympathize with them wouldn’t know it’s dangerous to stand in front of a
herd of cattle coming at them in a panic.The Media is so scared of any bend in the big
Narrative,that they’ll heel for their masters.Think of that -the Masters have dropped
their whips for controlling money and political mores.And the West degrades a little
more each day,with the allowance of this chaos.
Sorry about the windage,just a concerned American having a say.You know,my right.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Like the “n” word, which was negatively used to identify certain characteristics and basically had no colour, “looting” has become identifiable with a certain segment of the population…wonder why??? Systemic Stupidity/Ignorance???

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Call it self served reparations.

2 years ago

OK… it’s organized burglary without consequences for the leftist’s useful idiots.

2 years ago

Organized looting?! This country has gone from ridiculous to freaking insane. Maybe we should just die out and fizzle into non-existence.