44% of Vaxxed Pregnant Women Will Miscarry…Not So Fast


Dr. Naomi Wolf is doing a remarkable job of guiding a thorough analysis of the downloaded Pfizer documents about the vaccines and the trials. She crowdsourced experts in the field to go through the 300,000 documents released in a FOIA request. She’s doing yeoman’s work, and we’re grateful. However, that doesn’t mean the analysis is always accurate.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya supports the vaccines but is nonpolitical and looks at them from a scientific perspective.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya thinks they are wrong about 44% of pregnant women in danger of miscarriages. He said other teams had conducted studies on this issue, and the numbers are much lower. He was very concerned about the issue at the beginning and has tracked it. So far, the miscarriages are not higher in those who took the vaccines and those who did not.

He said there are other problems with the vaccines, such as myocarditis, but “this is not one of them that I’m worried about,” Dr. Jay said on Rob Schmitt’s Newsmax show.

He also talked about additional vaccines and mandates destroying the government’s credibility and causing more harm. The federal role continuing on beyond the due date is a problem, he added.

According to the renowned doctor, additional vaccines might cause people to be more susceptible to the illness, and it doesn’t stop anyone from getting the disease. “It’s very clear the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting COVID. It just doesn’t,” he says.

“At best, it reduces the risk of getting severe disease, hospitalized…but then once you have COVID,” you’re covered. You don’t need the vaccine. Natural immunity gives the needed protection.

“People like Dr. Fauci, by pushing this line have utterly collapsed trust in public health. Like, a lot of people look at these kind of things, ‘Well I don’t trust anything they say any more’. It’s a real problem.”

Dr. Bhattacharya is a non-political doctor.


Correction: We inadvertently called Dr. Wolf by the wrong name.

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