47 shot, 7 dead in Chicago this weekend, great job Lori


Mayor Lori Lightfoot never assumes any responsibility for the shootings and murders in Chicago. If she is not responsible as she would have us believe, should we then compliment her for a job well done? Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet the shootings are out of control. It’s safer in Kabul.

There are 59 active gangs and more than 70,000 gang members in Chicago. Yet, Lightfoot blames the federal government, claiming they need a federal strategy on reducing the number of guns. Meanwhile, the federal government did offer to help Chicago and she refused the help.

Also, criminals who commit gun crimes get right out of jail.


This weekend 47 were shot and 7 died, ABC 7 reported.  A teen was shot standing in a park, another teen, a 14-year-old was killed while standing on the street. His family said, “I’m sick of it. I’m tired of it. We talk about Black Lives Matter, but I’m sick and tired of what’s going on in the streets,” said Erikka Gordon, the boy’s aunt.

The boy was the brother of a boy recently killed.

Three women were shot in the Avalon Park. One of the women died. The other two, 28-year-olds, are in fair condition.

A 52-year-old man was shot in the neck and died after an argument.

During the Fourth of July weekend, 87 people were shot and 17 died, 13 of those were minors.

Meanwhile, New York City is on the way to Chicago, especially in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

We are starting to see Blue Lives Matter rallies. This one was in Nassau County:

There was a Blue Lives Matter rally in Manhattan recently:

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2 years ago

Rahm Emanuel didn’t run for a third term as Mayor because he knows Chicago is an un-repairable sh*thole, its all yours Lori Lightfoot !!!!!!!!

billybob texas
billybob texas
2 years ago

I really think this is all FAKE NEWS.
We know Chicago has passed very serious laws against guns. Therefore there can be no more guns there. Because they passed the law.
Poof – no more guns. Therefore this is all fake news. It’s impossible to shoot peolpe when the guns are all gone by law.
Thank you City Council. Look at all the lives you have saved by abolishing all guns! I think is it now safe for you to walk around South Chicago on Friday and Saturday nights, thanks to your laws.

2 years ago

In the past I would have assumed the public wouldn’t stand for all this criminal behavior. The film Network was the reflection of society’s revulsion at the state of the country at that time. In our time there seems no revulsion of what is going on. The evidence is the reaction by Ford employees building police cars, or the simple innocence of Wayfair selling to the DHS. More and more company employees are revolting against the norms of a functioning society and becoming deranged animals. Watching the protests, aka riots, in Portland, we hear many of those young kids sound more like kids in junior high in the verbal assaults levied at the police. We can conclude on thing for certain, Darwin was Wrong.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

Incompetent Democrat mayors are beholden to the criminal gangs, especially Chicago a deal with the Devil.

Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan
2 years ago

In Chicago, only the criminals have guns.