Lake Orion couple arrested for pulling guns on screaming mother give an interview


The Lake Orion couple, who were arrested after the wife pulled a gun on a screaming, cursing mother with two daughters, was interviewed by The Scoop.

In the video, it looks like the mother and daughters, accusing the couple of racism, deliberately set the couple up and the couple reacted. But who am I to say?

The couple was charged with felonious assault and face four years in prison. The husband lost his job.

You can read the story on this link, watch the video, and then watch the interview below:




  1. YEP !!

    As John Wayne said: If you are gonna’ be stupid, Pilgrim, ya’ gotta’ be TOUGH !!

    IF anyone reading this who has – or is carrying a weapon – even INSIDE your own home….YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE LAWS ABOUT YOUR GUN AND YOUR STATE (or even City).

    Don’t be stupid – don’t YOU go to jail for breaking a gun law you don’t even know about! This is in the news daily – and will become more common as more people feel the need to play a TV Cop or TV Homeowner to protect themselves….

    Can you shoot someone on your property? Sometimes. In someplaces. In certain situations. But NOT in other situations. NOT other times. NOT other places.

    Please people – don’t be stupid – don’t be emotional. KNOW YOUR LOCAL LAWS…..

    And how you FEEL about using a weapon has NO BEARING on the law and to the Judge.

    • She was threatened “I will kick your white *** ” Don’t be stupid and die with a weapon in your pocket. Both her and her husband are alive to argue in court.

      • Mike- you are correct. Don’t die with a weapon in your pocket. But if threatened and you go somewhere AWAY FROM THE THREAT to retrieve a weapon and COME BACK ……hmmmmm…. YOU will then become the attacker, not the threatened. Hence, in many jurisdictions, NO SELF DEFENSE can be claimed….
        Be Careful Out There…..

  2. Her life was no longer in jeopardy once her and her hubby was locked in their vehicle, they would have been better off calling the police and telling them that a mother and daughter are blocking them from exiting the parking lot and are attempting to do damage to their vehicle. Michigan is right to carry and right to stand your ground, but the white couple better have a good attorney.

  3. Robert, I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but I DO believe you are right – at least where I live. As we all know (or SHOULD KNOW) every jurisdiction is different…..but generally, if your life is no longer in danger, you cannot use – or threaten to use deadly force on someone just because they offended or even scared you. You are safe. You generally cannot go get your gun and then go back into the fight……or run inside your house and get your gun and run back outside with your gun and claim you were threatened. Generally. You might have been threatened…but when you went inside – you were safe all of a sudden. Once safe, it is very difficult to claim “self-defense”. Then you go back outside with your gun….generally a wrong move….in MOST places……sometimes, generally, most of the time, perhaps.

    KNOW YOUR LAWS when you start waving a gun around. F. Lee Bailey died. Good luck with whoever is next ……you’re gonna’ need it…ESPECIALLY when the local DA, Police Chief, Mayor and Judge all think you should not be allowed to even have a gun in the first place…………

  4. Oh,………and NONE of those four listed above that you will be dealing with will give a damn about your ‘feelings’ about how you should have the ‘right’ to defend yourself……..You’ll be in THEIR playground – and THEY will make the Rules…..

  5. Another fine example of black nutjobs stirring up the muddy waters of “racism”. They are a credit to their skin color, unfortunately now becoming typical behavior for black activists. The mother and daughter team were obviously race-baiting the white couple. The cops should have just watched the vid and given the white folks a warning. Then warn the black nutjobs in a similar fashion.
    That the university which employed Eric bent a knee, firguatively, to the black nutjobs says a lot about the level of “education” anyone can get at that school. Is the head of the school an affirmative action appointment? Probably.
    Oh, wait a minute, its Michigan. The home of the commie guvna, sh*thole detroit, and dumb voters.
    Now it makes sense. Sorta.

  6. Hi Maura, i keep trying to comment on your site and invariable there is some glitch in the course of my comment. And, I’ve noticed as well that if I manage to complete a full comment and submit, it somehow doesn’t get thru or published. No tech problems on my end, probably those causing problems for your site.
    This likely will make it thru as nothing in it can offend a damn snowflake monitoring you, lol.

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