$4B Vineyard Wind Project Got One Turbine Running


The Vineyard Wind Project, the country’s first large-scale offshore wind project, was supposed to be fully operational in Massachusetts in 2023. They got one working in this “watershed moment,” “historic,” “major milestone,” “dawn” of a new age project.

The project achieved first power late Tuesday with one operating turbine near Martha’s Vineyard. It produced about 5 MW of electricity.

The company believes five turbines will be running in early 2024.

The company calls it a “major milestone”. The project has cost $4 billion so far. If they get all 62 wind turbines working with any consistency, they will generate power for more than 400,000 homes in Massachusetts if the wind blows and the turbines don’t freeze.

The Biden regime has bolstered offshore wind projects, but according to the Hill, they “have seen multiple recent cancellations as high cost creates setbacks.”

The delay, according to the chief development officer, was because they wanted to “meet a high standard of care,” “there was testing,” and “some issues that had to be resolved.” “The important thing is it happened,” he said, and they are “on the path to operating the facility.”

The company and its allies are using words like it’s a “watershed moment for climate action,” and it’s “a dawn of a new industry,” and it’s “historic.” Democrats have so overused those words hyperbolically that they don’t mean anything anymore.

Well, the project is near the Vineyard, so at least we can feel comfortable knowing that Barack Obama‘s mansion will have power. “Everyone agrees no one said it would be easy.” The governor of Massachusetts, Maura Healy, said this is a “historic moment for the American wind industry.”.

Vineyard Wind had 62 turbines, and one is running.

New York’s South Fork Wind became the nation’s first utility-scale, offshore project in the country. It’s running.

Rhode Island’s Block Island Wind Farm, which began providing power in 2016, was the first operational offshore farm in the United States, but with five turbines is not considered commercial scale, says the Associated Press.

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