5 GOP Senators Allegedly Backing Biden in Secret


Former Trump campaign manager and adviser, Steve Bannon, accused Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) of being one of five “scumbag” GOP  “traitors” to the MAGA movement who secretly support President Biden.

He made the accusation after Biden insisted during Wednesday’s press conference that five Republican senators “told me that they agree with whatever I’m talking about for them to do.”

Biden would not reveal the names of these Republicans, claiming they fear retribution if they publicly support the president.

“Did you ever think that one man out of office could intimidate an entire party where they’re unwilling to take any vote contrary to what he thinks should be taken for fear of being defeated in a primary?” Biden asked.

Bannon said he will find out who they are.

Should we believe anything Biden says? Personally, I don’t, but if it’s true, we hope Bannon finds out who they are. Bannon seems to think there is truth to it.

If I had to pick five, Graham would be one of them, along with Collins, Romney, Murkowski, and one of the other RINOs.

Trump on Wednesday night was asked by Fox News whether he was intimidating Republicans and denied the claim.

‘No,’ Trump told Fox News. ‘The party loves me and I love the party.’


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