51% Favor Gov. Newsom, 64% See Bad Economic Times Ahead


According to a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California found that 71% of Californians believe their children will be financially worse off than they are.

Fifty-seven percent of polled adults said they believe the state is heading in the wrong direction, and 51% say they support how California Governor Gavin Newsom is handling economic issues.

Sixty-four percent of adults said the state will have “bad economic times in the next 12 months.”

To address the issues, Californians want to double down on what is ruining them. Californians support expanding government programs, though with a $14 billion deficit.

Most Californians favor increasing government funding for child care programs and the EITC,” said Mark Baldassare, PPIC Statewide Survey director and Miller Chair in Public Policy. “Similarly, overwhelming majorities favor increasing government funding for job training programs, including majorities across political parties.”

They won’t give up the “freebies.”

They are raising the healthcare minimum wage to $25 per hour and have already increased the state spending by an unexpected $4 billion next year, adding to the existing $14 billion.

There is no word on where the money will come from – Silicone Valley perhaps?

California needs to start teaching economics in high schools in California, but Democrats would never allow it.

PPP found that Americans generally have a favorable view of most states. Only five are in negative territory, led by California (27% favorable and 44% unfavorable), Illinois (19-29), New Jersey (25-32), Mississippi (22-28), and Utah (24-27). How New York escaped that list is mind-boggling.

Newsom didn’t do well in San Francisco, and he’s ruining California with socialism. He wants to be President.

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