72 Reportedly Shot in Democrat Chicago – Police Attacked


Violent crowds in Chicago attacked police cars with fists and fireworks in at least two incidents this weekend, injuring one officer. It was a very violent weekend for Chicago. Last weekend, 24 were shot and 2 were killed. This weekend, so far, 54 were allegedly shot.

Chicago Welcoming Sign

72 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend primarily as part of criminal or gang activity. Police came under attack Saturday night when a crowd jumped on top of a patrol car, kicking and punching the vehicle until the windshield broke. One officer was seriously injured and hospitalized in the incident, according to CBS Chicago.

On Monday morning, a crowd was shooting fireworks at patrol cars. The crowd kicked and punched the vehicle a patrol car.

The perpetrators were gangs and random criminals.


Senior writer and reporter for Townhall, Julio Rosas covered the shootings in Chicago this weekend. As of this morning, we know at least 54 people were shot and 7 are reportedly dead in the pro-criminal Democrat city of Chicago.

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1 month ago

Zero tolerance for these savages. Remove them from the streets and drop them off in a jungle.