58,000 mail-in ballots missing in Pennsylvania


58,000 mail-in ballots supposed to be sent out to voters last week in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, are now missing in action

The entire Westmoreland County Election Bureau staff has been working diligently to process the extremely large number of both absentee and mail-in ballot applications that have been submitted.

This is the insanity going on throughout the country. Keep that in mind as you read this.

Mail-in ballots that were supposed to be sent out to voters last week in Westmoreland County are missing in action, according to the Trib.

The elections bureau’s director said she cannot confirm if any of the 58,000 ballots that were requested and processed had been mailed out yet.

When voters called the elections bureau looking for their ballot, they were told the ballots were mailed Tuesday, but sources told the Trib that was not the case.

State elections officials approved the ballots late last month for early mail-in voting to begin.

This is one county, now multiply that by all the counties in the country. Democrats know that mail-in voting is the most unreliable system possible for voting and they are using COVID as an excuse to implement it now, months before a major election.

They are willing to destroy this county to win the election.

Color me shocked.


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